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Nooooo now ABC Family has canceled 10 Things I Hate About You! Dammit, I'm still not over Legend of the Seeker being canceled yet! But this is even worse because Legend of the Seeker has had more time; 10 Things just gets 20 episodes total, each only like 22 minutes minus commercials. It's not enough! Not fair. This was one of the few shows I just felt unadultered glee about, nothing to criticize or think too deeply about. It was just fun! If Chuck ends up being canceled as well, I'm quitting life. (That's sure to change their minds!)

(Pissed off ranting of a psych major ahead!)

l;kjasf what what when Brennan is talking about "A gift is an anthropological contract" and such, you know what she's describing? RECIPROCITY. WHICH IS A PSYCHOLOGICAL CONCEPT. WHICH SHE CLAIMS TO DETEST AND NOT BELIEVE IN AND ALL THAT. UGH I HATE BONES SOMETIMES. I mean, I'm not saying that they're wrong that this is a concept in anthropology, and I don't mean to say it's something psychology invented/came up with and belongs only to that field. My issue is that Brennan and the show dismiss everything logical and rational and scientific in psychology and focuses on Freud, WHICH NO ONE FOLLOWS ANYMORE. But when it comes to a construct that actually is in psychology, they let anthropology take all the credit for it! gah.

SERIOUSLY. NO PSYCHOLOGIST WOULD SAY "The guitar is phallic blah blah blah maybe the killer was acting out of sexual confusion!" UGH PLEASE STOP WITH THE PSYCHOLOGY, BONES. You're giving psychology a bad name, dammit.

Um, on the plus side, I like that Hodgins and Angela look like they're close to getting back together, as I totally shipped them hardcore in season 2 and 3 and hated their break-up. So there's that.

Done with the last full week of classes! And now finals are upon me, and I'm totally procrastinating doing work, as usual. I just don't feel stressed out, so it's hard to motivate myself to do anything. All I have is 2 tests on Monday, a 2-page assignment due Monday, my final Mood and Anxiety paper due Wednesday (which I've finished, I just need to revise it, so no big deal there), and my German final on Thursday. I really don't have to do incredibly well on any of them (well, I need to do well on the paper, but my professor was already impressed with it as it was, and the revisions she suggested are minor and well within my capabilities, so I'm not too worried), and I feel less busy then I normally am around this time, so it's hard to get myself working.
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