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Nooooo now ABC Family has canceled 10 Things I Hate About You! Dammit, I'm still not over Legend of the Seeker being canceled yet! But this is even worse because Legend of the Seeker has had more time; 10 Things just gets 20 episodes total, each only like 22 minutes minus commercials. It's not enough! Not fair. This was one of the few shows I just felt unadultered glee about, nothing to criticize or think too deeply about. It was just fun! If Chuck ends up being canceled as well, I'm quitting life. (That's sure to change their minds!)

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Done with the last full week of classes! And now finals are upon me, and I'm totally procrastinating doing work, as usual. I just don't feel stressed out, so it's hard to motivate myself to do anything. All I have is 2 tests on Monday, a 2-page assignment due Monday, my final Mood and Anxiety paper due Wednesday (which I've finished, I just need to revise it, so no big deal there), and my German final on Thursday. I really don't have to do incredibly well on any of them (well, I need to do well on the paper, but my professor was already impressed with it as it was, and the revisions she suggested are minor and well within my capabilities, so I'm not too worried), and I feel less busy then I normally am around this time, so it's hard to get myself working.
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10 Things I Hate About You was also adorable as always, but I have nothing really specific to say about it, other than you really should watch it, even if you think it couldn't possibly live up to the movie (which is totally what I thought before I checked the show out, but the show is really different from the movie and totally fun and wonderful in its own right). I think I might actually do a picspam of reasons why you should watch it for this month's [ profile] picspammy challenge once the semester is over, since I should have time.

I made significant progress on my paper yesterday! Finally. I'm 4 1/2 pages in (it's supposed to be 8-10), although including references, it's just about 6 pages. And she's not super strict on page length, so if it's good but 7 1/2 pages, she's not going to mark off for that extra 1/2 a page. I've even worked on it a little today (and plan to try to continue working on it until I have to go to class in 1 1/2 hours), which is ridiculous since I pretty much never get work done on Tuesdays before Mood and Anxiety (even though I have so much time in the morning to get stuff done). I also discovered that the paper is due next Wednesday, 05/05, rather than 05/04 like I originally thought, so I feel a little less stressed out about finishing it today. I mean, I think I still can, but I do have some stuff to do for German as well today, and I wanted to send my professor a draft no less than a week before it was due, so this way I feel less pressured to actually get it done today. I actually probably could have finished it yesterday if I had just worked with no breaks, but I procrastinated a lot, and it's kind of amazing I got as much done as I did.

I mentioned that I talked to my honorary psych adviser (that is what I am calling her from now on because I have no idea how else to refer to her) last week about many things, including starting to apply to grad school (specifically MSW programs) and how I was having trouble figuring out how to select programs and all, and she mentioned things I should look for and that I could give her a list of like 15 programs or so and she could help me narrow it down or point out programs I might have missed. So anyways, I've started doing that as a means to procrastinate from writing this paper as well, and at first it's a lot of fun looking into all this stuff that seems really interesting and exciting, and then it just makes me feel like crap because I feel myself falling in love with these different programs and then I get afraid that I'm going to get too invested and have my heart set on something and not get in. I mean, I suppose I did have my favorites for undergrad as well and I got waitlisted/rejected from several of those and it sucked for a little while and then I got over it, so I know it won't be a huge deal in the long run, but still.

I am sick. It sucks. It's like... just a very slight sore throat and some sneezing and my nose is a little stuffy, so it's all so like... idk, not severe that I feel like it shouldn't be a big deal, but it's still making me feel tired and worn out and like crap. I was in denial about it up until now (like, despite having a sore throat since Sunday, I kept telling myself that I was just dehydrated and thirsty and if I drank some more water, I'd feel fine), but then last night I fell asleep within 20 minutes while my roommate was still up and had her desk light on and was working until like 3 AM and that never happens for me. Seriously, no matter how tired I am, I've never fallen asleep while she's been up and had her desk light on. I'm almost considering not going to Mood and Anxiety this afternoon, especially since it's one of the few classes I can miss and I feel like it won't matter (since in other classes I'm always worried about missing important stuff for the test, but all we have for this class is this paper left, and the stuff we talk about in class isn't as relevant to my grade. I mean, it's super interesting, but the idea of leaving my apartment and bed right now is not so appealing).

Glee tonight! I am super excited. Hopefully I will be productive and get enough schoolwork done that I don't feel guilty for watching it (I would say hopefully I get enough done so I have time to watch it, but I know that I'm watching it no matter how much I get done because I tend to prioritize TV over schoolwork. Still, I'd feel better about watching it if I'm productive!).
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Yesterday I had my fourth class, Discrete Math. It was fine. We have to write proofs, though, which I haven't done since I was a freshman in high school, so I'm not sure how that's going to work out. And like 85% of the class are freshmen, which is weird. It makes me feel old! Today we got divided into groups between the professors for Directed Research, and I didn't get who I wanted, who's my absolute favorite professor in the school. Oh well. The professor I did get seems nice, and I know the other girls in my group, so hopefully it'll turn out all right. I found out that after we finish our projects, we also have to present our research at the Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference (which I think is in the spring), so I'm already freaking out about that. I do not do well with public speaking. Oh well. One thing at a time.

I've been watching a lot of TV! I caught up on 90210, watched all of 10 Things I Hate About You, and the Vampire Diaries premiere. I also saw the Modern Family pilot, the 2nd episode of Glee, and the Supernatural premiere, but I don't have anything to say about those.

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First day of classes done with!

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I just have one class tomorrow morning (8:00-9:30, ugh), and then the labs start next week. I do have a little homework, but not too much. I'm actually more excited for classes to really get going, because today was more going through the syllabus and introducing ourselves and all that stuff.

I don't really know what to do now. I don't need to worry about the homework for Friday until tomorrow since after 9:30 AM, I have nothing to do. I might actually read a book for once. Or I might get caught up on 90210. I quit watching it last February or March because I found it boring and had too much stuff going on to keep up with shows I didn't care much about. But I heard at the end of the season it got pretty good (like... not good but trashy good? If that makes sense?) and I kind of want to start watching it again. I did decide to quit watching Heroes, and I never ended up watching the last few episodes of Castle, so I think I'll have time for it. I'm also considering watching 10 Things I Hate About You since I heard it is actually pretty good. I have such loyalty to the movie and Heath Ledger and I'm still annoyed they made it a TV show, but, well... I'm bored!

Glee tonight! I'm so excited! :D


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