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How I Met Your Mother
...Don looks really different. Is it just that he's not wearing work clothes? It kind of looks like he lost weight, but it also has been about a billion years since we saw him last, so I can't really tell.

YES BARNEY IS UPSET ABOUT ROBIN AND DON. A little. Look, I'm taking what I can get, here.

lol at Don thinking Ted's gay. But seriously, this and the fact that he didn't know Robin and Barney dated, I mean... how are we supposed to believe Don and Robin are super serious? We've seen nothing of them and now all we see is that Don doesn't know her very well. I don't understand their relationship and what the writers are doing with them at all.

Ok, so I like Barney being jealous, but I'm also afraid about where this is going. Like... exactly what Ted was saying, with Barney only wanting Robin because he couldn't have her. But instead, I really want Barney to actually realize that he's still in love with Robin (BECAUSE SERIOUSLY HE WAS IN LOVE WITH HER FOR A YEAR, HOW DID THEIR BREAK-UP NOT AFFECT HIM AT ALL?).

(Also I didn't like the Robin/Ted stuff being combined with the Barney/Robin stuff. Barney/Robin is OTP dammit! Also, the argument about who deserved her more sounded too much like they were treating her like property. "She's Don's." No, she's her own person and can decide to be with Don or with one of you if she wants, but you don't get to like... pass her around like property. I did like them after they got drunk, though, and both called her and went to his apartment.)

Awwwwww!!!!! Barney still wants to get back together with Robin! So is Don what's going to drive Barney to get back together with Robin, then? Which is where I thought this storyline could go when it was first introduced, but then they barely mentioned Don after that and totally ignored Barney being affected by the break-up at all. But if they want to do that, then I'm fine with it. As long as they actually do justice to their relationship this time around, unlike the first time which was not nearly as awesome as it should have been.

"Let's show the Turners how it's done." heh I kind of like Sarah being competitive here.

TIGER. omg that was not what I would have expected to show up on Chuck.

I'm finding myself realizing how much I love Sarah while watching this episode. I don't know why, she's just awesome.

I loved Sarah and Chuck finding the Turners and the "Compliment of the Bartowskis."

lkjas;lkfj Sarah and Chuck bickering when Otto and the tiger showed up totally cracked me up. Sarah listened to Chuck and got rid of the guns despite that spy rule! ...even though it doesn't turn out to be a good thing.

"Do you really believe that?" / "No." Awwwwwwwww. I loved that moment.

l;kajsdflkj I loved Casey encountering the tiger and telling Morgan what to do. Of course he knows exactly what to do in case of being confronted by a tiger.

I'm glad that the Turners were actually a better... couple and team than appeared from the promo. I was afraid that it was supposed to be like... "Look what Chuck and Sarah are going to be in 30 years" and that the Turners were totally screwed up and being a spy and trying to be a couple could never work and I wasn't ready for angst so soon. But then it was nice and happy! The Turners were working together well, and Chuck and Sarah aren't all angsty or doubting their future at any point! Well done, show.

OMG SARAH'S MOVING IN! <333 (;lkajf although that means that we're losing Sarah's gorgeous hotel room! NOOOOOOO!!! I LOVE THAT ROOM, DAMMIT! Can't Chuck move in with Sarah? ...ok, I realize that doesn't make sense. BUT I DON'T CARE. THE HOTEL ROOM IS SO PRETTY!)

OH NO CAPTAIN AWESOME DAMMIT HE BETTER BE FINE. (I was getting a super sketchy vibe from Justin throughout the episode, too, so I feel glad to be validated. But not if it means Captain Awesome dies! I'm... mostly sure he'll be fine, but still.)

The Big Bang Theory
"I'm glad we're still friends." !!! Awwwww. (I'm ignoring the stuff that came after. Still, he wants the effort to be worth it! If he really didn't like being around her, it wouldn't matter to him!) And she asks how he is (before she asks about Leonard!)!

"I'll have to have you over for spaghetti some night." / "I'm hungry now!" l;akjsfj omg! Seriously, Penny is so Sheldon's friend more than any of the rest of them. I love them.

"Well, usually I'm on the team that picks last." awwwwww Sheldon.

alksjf Sheldon trying to play both teams! And sneaking the hot dogs out! Yes! I love him.


omg Sheldon and Penny need to always always eat meals together, just the 2 of them. I love this.

ah Sheldon is so bad at lying, it's awesome.

"I've been seeing Penny behind your back." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I mean, I know what he MEANT, but I still loved how it sounded.)

Aside from shipping them, I still really adore Sheldon and Penny's friendship! They both want to stay friends even though she and Leonard aren't dating! She's taking him shopping and to Disneyland!!! (Also, HEY LOOK THE SECOND LEONARD AND PENNY BREAK UP, LEONARD'S ACTUALLY A GOOD FRIEND TO SHELDON FOR ONCE!)

I loved this episode so much! Yay! I haven't been this excited about TBBT in ages (since last season), and I don't think it's a coincidence that it came directly after Leonard and Penny broke up. Now let's just hope they stay broken up.

I've been slowly making my way through this Life of Birds BBC documentary thing on the BBC and yesterday I got to the episode that deals with baby birds and parenthood and I was like "omg yay adorable baby birdies! This will be so much fun to watch!" And then like half of it was other birds stealing baby birds for food or crocodiles attacking or even the parents killing some of their babies because they do not have enough resources to care for them all. It was like March of the Penguins all over again.

I forgot that a new Sookie Stackhouse book comes out today! I kind of have the urge to reread them all (well, not the first one, since the show followed it so closely, and there's not enough Eric. But like, I mix up what happens in the second book and second season a lot, so it would be valuable to reread the book, right?), but... I don't know. Last year it took me like an entire week to get through them all, and that was with me staying at home and reading the books all day long and really not doing anything else. I don't know if I want to waste a week or two like that again, at least not right now. And I don't know that I'm patient enough to get through all the books before getting to the new one. So it's more likely that I'll just read the new one.

I got an A- on my group presentation I did several weeks ago in Mood and Anxiety, and from what I can tell (it's hard to figure out my grade in a class when I'm only given letter grades), this makes it really hard for me to get an A in the class. I think if I get an A on the final paper and get an A in participation (both of which I think are possible, but definitely not guaranteed), then I can get an A in the class, but I'm not sure. I'm going to try to expect an A-, and if I get an A, then I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Date: 2010-05-04 05:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I absolutely agree with everything you said on HIMYM AND TBBT.
+ I love that Barney is jealous. But I'm a little worried where that is heading.

++++++++++ SHELDON/PENNY. Loooooove those two♥

Date: 2010-05-04 05:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
lol. if i got an A- in all my classes i'd be ecstatic.


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