Feb. 11th, 2010

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I HAVE INTERNET! FINALLY! It's so nice and fast! I got so used to having to wait forever for images and pages to load and downloading 100 MB to take like 1-2 hours, but now! It's so fast! omg I'm so happy. I felt like I would never have high-speed internet again! (Ok, not never, but never this semester.)

Anyways, a couple days ago I randomly decided to get a Netflix account. Well, not entirely random. I was thinking about asking my parents for a year-long subscription for Christmas/my birthday, but I decided I didn't really need one since they let me use the unlimited streaming on their account. But I kept browsing to see what they had streaming (for when I finally ever got internet fast enough that I could stream videos), and I kept finding stuff I really wanted to watch that was only available by DVD. The main thing stopping me was the price because I'm super cheap and I was afraid I wouldn't use it enough to make it worth it, but I decided to go with the $9 a month, 1-at-a-time plan. This way, I only have to pay $90 for now to December (and then I can ask for a year's worth for Christmas), and $90 is not that much. I mean, I don't usually spend that much money at once, or even any money at all on entertainment, but I think this will be worth it. I mean, if I just don't get coffee 3-4 times this month when I normally would have, I've already made up the difference. I was kind of unsure and debating about it, but I decided to get it, and since I have I'm just so happy and excited. Today I should be getting my first DVD, Gone With the Wind, which I've never seen before, so I'm excited to see that. I might actually have time tonight to watch it (I only have 2 small assignments and I'm done with class by 2:50, so I could easily finish all my work by 5 and would have plenty time for a long movie). Or I might spend tonight finally catching up on some TV now that I have internet since I am about 40+ episodes behind on various TV shows, and that is too much.

My German lab instructor gave us this assignment where he sent us some German songs and told us to pick one and talk about it in the next lab and why we chose it and what it's about and all that. No problem, right? Except the file he sent us was a zip of songs that was 750 MB. That's like the size of a movie file, or 2 episodes of an hour-long program! wtf?! And I had to download this before I got internet, so I was relying on Dunn Brothers and the school library's internet, neither of which are particularly fast. So I go to download the zip, and it says it will take roughly 4 hours to download. That was the minimum speed it ever said; after that it got up to 14 hours and settled around 8 hours, which is pretty unreasonable to expect me to stay in either place for that long. I don't understand why he couldn't just upload like 3 songs and be like "Choose one!" He wouldn't even need to zip them! And they would not be 750 MB. That is ridiculous.

My German test yesterday went fine. Like... parts were harder than I thought they would be, but other parts were easier. I'm not too worried. If I did poorly, there's totally time and plenty of assignments to pull it up. And we've had 2 mini-essays so far and I've gotten random extra credit on both of them, I'm assuming because they were good? He didn't really write why, it was just like "Good job! +.25 points extra credit!" But I think that means I'm doing well so far, in any case.


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