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This is a somewhat massive post.

Awwww Booth and Brennan kissed in the past! They were really adorable. AND THEN NOW. BOOTH KISSED BRENNAN AGAIN OMG. I wasn't expecting that! But the end of was kind of sad. I don't know if I expect them now to get together in the season finale or like... not until the series finale. idk. I hope soon, though. It would be super interesting to see them work together while trying to keep their relationship secret (but I totally have a kink for secret relationships, so this should not be surprising).

Also, I am utterly convinced that the writers of this show know nothing about psychology. Seriously, like what is Sweets's book even about? Just Brennan and Booth and how they work together and are in love? What self-respecting psychologist would ever write a book about that? I just don't undrestand. What is he researching? I mean, he's not researching, he's essentially just doing a case study, and I don't see how it provides any valuable information, and he's not even like focused on any sort of psychological phenomena and it's just ridiculous. Although Sweets does also seem to prescribe to Freud's theories, so what the hell does he know, I guess. My theory right now (to help preserve my sanity for whenever this show tries to delve into psychology) is that Sweets is a prodigy of Freud's who discovered time travel and if you look at the fine print of his degrees (do degrees have fine prints? What do I know, I'm still in undergrad) you'll see that they were issued in like 1915 or something and that's why he has no need to rely on anything like, oh, empirical data and evidence and research and ethics and all that. Just saying, it makes more sense than a psychologist (psychiatrist? He doesn't have an MD, right? I don't remember) with a PhD (fun fact: I always type PhD as pH first, I'm pretty sure due to the pH scale in chemistry, even though I probably have known what a PhD was for longer than the pH scale. Also, does he have 1 PhD, or more? Why can't I remember anything about Sweets right now?) who discusses Freud's theories legitimately and is writing a book about nothing.

DESMOND. Finally. He has been far too absent this season. AND CHARLIE! CHARLIE AND DESMOND! CHARLIE TALKING ABOUT CLAIRE AND SEEING HER WHEN HE OVERDOSES OMG. This episode is awesome. Is it weird that I'm still holding out the hope that Claire and Charlie end up together? I'm aware that one is dead and one is crazy in the "real" reality. But come on, how can they not? They were epic! And Charlie not dying (well... yet; I'm still expecting him to die because I'm pessimistic like that) made me maybe a little more optimistic of that. When they went in I was like "l;kjsf oh crap Charlie's going to die like in the "real" world and all my hopes will be dashed" but then he survived! I think part of it is that in nearly every single one of my ships for this show, one of the people has died (Charlie/Claire, Daniel/Charlotte, and Juliet/Sawyer. I also obviously still ship Desmond/Penny and Jin/Sun, and I'm always super paranoid that one or all of them will die due to my poor track record with ships on this show. The part of season 4, I think, where they made it seem like Jin had died and also when Desmond got shot in season 5 made me super nervous because of that).

Also, I'm super curious as to what Charlie saw. I wasn't paying close attention enough when he was talking about it and I don't think he was specific anyways, but he talked about him and Claire being together, so was it like... the short period of time they were together in... season 3-ish? Was it that short, even? They kissed in the season 2 finale, right? And then Charlie didn't die until the end of season 3? So... they were together a season? I don't even know! This is ridiculous; I really need to rewatch the earlier seasons. Well, I'm planning on rewatching the entire series this summer, so I guess I'll find out then!

Eloise talking to Desmond about how like... he should stop looking and that someone had gotten him to look at things in a different way was really weird and cool. Does Eloise in this reality actually like... know stuff about stuff? Like... that there's another reality? Or something? idk but I'm confused and intrigued!


(Yes, the above exclamation does deserve its own line.) I knew he was coming back at some point this season, and I had heard earlier this week that this episode included Charlie, Claire, and Desmond, but I hadn't heard anything about Daniel being in this specific episode!!! And wow I soooo forgot about Daniel being Eloise's son. I don't know how I forgot about that. I think I blocked out a lot about Daniel because I was so sad that he died. But I suppose I should have picked up on it what with them keep mentioning their son. I was just like "Huh, Penny had a brother? Did he die in the "real" reality? Probably" and then I decided that in return, he was alive in the alternate reality, but that Penny was dead. And then I remembered everything and it was like... oh wait, I'm just being stupid and forgetting things. kaljsf if Daniel fixes everything from the alternate reality, I don't even know. Like I don't know what to say, other than OMG AWESOME ;LKAJSDLJ and a bunch of incoherent flailing.

klajsfd;ljk Desmond meeting Penny in the alternate reality just... oh man. My heart like skipped. They are still so my OTP on this show, even though there's been nothing of them this season. I loved how much Desmond was smiling!

Seriously this episode was so awesome. Just... oh man. I have no idea where this season is going and how it's going to end, but it kind of sucks that there are only like... what, 5 episodes left? But I'm really excited to see how everything turns out.

Also, I feel like I have been waiting a million years for Jin and Sun to reunite. Is it seriously not going to happen until the series finale, because that's really what it feels like right now, which is totally ridiculous. On the other hand, I suppose that will make their reunion that much more amazing. But still. (This is totally unrelated to like anything that actually happened in this episode.)

btw, I was watching Lost on Hulu and during one of the breaks there was an ad for the new Doctor Who season on BBC America. I was so not expecting that to be advertised, but it was awesome (and made me even more excited for the next episode!).

I don't think my social psych professor understands the "mini" part of "mini-assignment," because we were just assigned a 5-10 page research proposal as a "mini"-assignment. At least it's only worth like 10 points (out of a total 250 or so for the entire semester). Still, wtf? The mini-assignments have been getting increasingly harder, which is annoying. The first one was deceptively easy (it was like... find any sort of study published within the last year having to do with social psychology and explain their hypothesis, methods, and what they found), and the second one wasn't bad either (it had to do with comparing a friend's ratings on a scale to what you perceive their personality to be and some other stuff I forget, but it wasn't difficult).

Last but not least, I'm finally posting pictures of my apartment that I'm living in right now, and I figured since I'm finally posting them, I might as well also finally post the pictures of my ridiculously small dorm room I was in from 2008-2009 (my sophomore year). There are also 2 bonus pictures of my pet birds from home just because I haven't posted any pictures of them in years.

The pictures (mostly the ones of the apartment) are kind of crappy. There was a lot of dust I guess on the lens of my camera which I didn't notice until long after I had taken the pictures, and I didn't want to retake them. In any case, you can still see what the room looks like.

First, where I'm living now:

The first image is pretty much what you see from the door. The closet on the right is mine, and the bed that's tan and purple is mine. Also, the chair and desk on the right of the white dresser is mine, as well as the white dresser. The other stuff is my roommate's. I must say, one of the things I will actually miss about this apartment compared to the one I'm moving into for next year is that the closets are so huge. The ones in the new place are teeny-tiny and I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with all my clothes, but I'll figure out something. Um, what else? We have various posters around the room, but my absolute favorite is the one between the two closets. I don't know how well you can see it, but it's from The Birds, which isn't one of my absolute favorite movies, or even one of my absolute favorite Hitchcock movies (although it would definitely make like top 10), but I love Hitchcock so I wanted him represented somehow in the room. I have some pictures of my birds, the sunset at Corona Del Mar, and my friends from home that were all taken somewhere during 9th or 10th grade. I have no physical photos of my friends really after that time since that's when I got a digital camera, so sometimes I feel a little weird that I have such old photos up, but I don't really have any other options, and anyways, I like them. Most of them were taken at the beach, too, so I like how the blues and tans/browns look, especially against the blue walls.

This is just a close-up of kind of what my dresser/window-area looks like and the space between Li and my beds.

Here are close-ups of my desk on the top. You can see the pictures I mentioned around the window. I really adore my desk; it's one of my favorite things in my room. On the bottom is a view out the window on a particularly snowy day (that's from last November or December; it definitely doesn't look like that now. There hasn't been snow on the ground since before spring break). On the right is the bottom of my closet. I may have too many pairs of Converse.

The top is the downstairs of the apartment. (There's also the basement, where Rebecca lives, a bathroom with a shower on the top floor, a bathroom without a shower on the ground floor, and a bedroom where Nika lived last semester and Krinda lives now. But I didn't want to take pictures of my roommates' rooms for obvious reasons, and I don't know that anyone really cares how the bathrooms look. They're nothing special.) On the left is the kitchen, and the right is the living room just outside the kitchen. It's basically what you see when you enter the apartment. The carpets in all the rooms are really dirty and grungy and stuff (and we totally do vacuum and have even like... steamcleaned the carpet, but they're still kind of gross. Which is one reason why I'm so looking forward to living in an apartment with hardwood floors next year). On the bottom are pictures of 2 of my 3 birds (Piper on the left, Jason on the right) from when I was home over spring break. Jason, as you can see, has gotten into a super annoying habit of jumping onto my laptop and cuddling up to the left corner of the screen. It's cute at first, but then it just gets annoying, since I'll try to type and use the keyboard, and he'll get annoyed and start biting my hands. So then I move him onto my shoulder, but he just jumps back to where he was a minute or two later. But I still miss him a lot, despite his craziness.

Anyways, now onto the dorm I was living in from 2008-2009:

Why yes, my room was actually smaller than the legal size for a prison cell! The room was super depressing the first few days, but I actually grew to... well, not to love it, or even really like it, but to be okay with it. I mean, having my own room was really nice, as was living right across the hall from the bathroom (the year before, I was in the furthest possible room from the bathroom, and it was really annoying). Anyways, this was on the very first day of moving my stuff in, so this is what it looked like when it was bare and all my stuff was in boxes.

This was after I unpacked all my stuff, but before I started decorating.

This is kind of out of order now. The posters that are up were actually the like... last configuration of posters I had. I think it was pretty much just spring semester that I had those up (until they fell down and then I got too lazy to put them up again). On the left is the view out the window, which was actually very nice. Obviously taken in early fall, as there would not be that many green leaves on the tree at any other time of the year.

Ok, on the left is actually the first configuration of posters I had up in my room. It stayed like that for... a month or two after I moved in. The image on the right is my desk, which did look the same all year.

Ok, the posters here were the second configuration I had (basically the same as the first, except I added a bunch of pictures and small things around them), and it was my favorite. Then I got 2 new posters (of Amelie and Moulin Rouge), so I took all the small stuff down because I had a grand idea of rearranging everything. Except I just put those and the like 3 other posters up, and then I got lazy and never added anything else. Oh well. At least I got a picture of it like this.

Anyways, that's about it. When I move into the new place, hopefully it won't take me 1-2 years to post pictures of it!

Date: 2010-04-10 09:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I love the apartment; it's super cute.

Date: 2010-04-13 04:44 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you! I enjoy it pretty well, although I like the new place I'm moving into in June much better.

Date: 2010-04-10 10:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wow your dorm room was small! I can't imagine how you couldn't feel claustrophobic in there. Oooh I have the same Japanese version of the Amélie movie poster in my bedroom too. :)

Date: 2010-04-13 04:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I know, it was ridiculous. I did get used to it, though; it was much worse when I initially moved in. Ah that's cool; I really love that poster, it's very pretty.

Date: 2010-04-12 03:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Your apt looks awesome!

Is it weird that I'm still holding out the hope that Claire and Charlie end up together?
haha me too a little bit. I'm not sure how but...they at least have to meet in the AU, right?

I think Charlie probably saw something exactly like this:

I really wish Daniel/Penny would have a scene together. I feel like they would have a really cute sibling relationship.

Date: 2010-04-13 04:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you!

Haha, ok good, I'm glad I'm not the only one now. I mean yeah, I guess I can't really expect that they'll end up together in the "real" world, but there's no excluse for them not ending up together in the AU, especially after Charlie's vision. That is a really nice video, and that is probably what they meant. I think I was thinking about it more like... he saw one short scene or clip from that life rather than everything, but I have zero reason for assuming that.

I hadn't thought about Daniel/Penny having a scene, but now that you've mentioned it, I really want it. It better happen. It'd be weird if they never did.

Date: 2010-04-13 01:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Well, who knows if the island timeline and the AU will even be seperate in the end? They could end up merging together for all we know!
Although if it is separate I'd like to think that Charlie/Claire will meet and end up in a "hopeful" place.

I just assumed because of all the different things that Charlie mentioned that he saw flashes of Claire, you know exactly like Desmond saw of Penny when he was getting the catscan.

lol at this point I just want Daniel to come back period!

Date: 2010-04-13 03:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Actually I was thinking about that when I was watching the episode last week, and I would definitely be interested in the timelines merging. But yeah, no matter what happens, I really hope Charlie and Claire end up together in some form.

That makes a lot more sense, but for some reason when I was watching it, I just assumed that he only saw like one flash of one scene, so I was trying to figure out exactly which scene would have encompassed everything he saw. But seeing flashes makes more sense.

True! I definitely hope he is in more of the final episodes than he has been in this season so far.


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