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This is a somewhat massive post.

Bones - 5.16 )

Lost - 6.11 )

btw, I was watching Lost on Hulu and during one of the breaks there was an ad for the new Doctor Who season on BBC America. I was so not expecting that to be advertised, but it was awesome (and made me even more excited for the next episode!).

I don't think my social psych professor understands the "mini" part of "mini-assignment," because we were just assigned a 5-10 page research proposal as a "mini"-assignment. At least it's only worth like 10 points (out of a total 250 or so for the entire semester). Still, wtf? The mini-assignments have been getting increasingly harder, which is annoying. The first one was deceptively easy (it was like... find any sort of study published within the last year having to do with social psychology and explain their hypothesis, methods, and what they found), and the second one wasn't bad either (it had to do with comparing a friend's ratings on a scale to what you perceive their personality to be and some other stuff I forget, but it wasn't difficult).

Last but not least, I'm finally posting pictures of my apartment that I'm living in right now, and I figured since I'm finally posting them, I might as well also finally post the pictures of my ridiculously small dorm room I was in from 2008-2009 (my sophomore year). There are also 2 bonus pictures of my pet birds from home just because I haven't posted any pictures of them in years.

Pictures of Apartment and Dorm Room! )
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Doctor Who )

I'm getting really excited about my new apartment now. Immediately afterwards I was less excited and more nervous that my parents might get annoyed with me and I was worried about all the logistics in getting subletters and crap, but now I'm letting myself just be excited. I'm really looking forward to living there (although it feels like forever before that'll happen). I'm dying to have my own room (not that sharing a room with Li is bad or anything, I just definitely prefer having privacy and I'm looking forward to being able to organize and decorate the room exactly how I want and not having to worry about when I want to go to sleep early and she stays up late or vice versa), and sharing a bathroom with only one person will be much nicer, and there are hardwood floors! (Have I mentioned how much I want hardwood floors? Because it's a lot.) And I feel like... cleaning the apartment and stuff will be easier with only 2 people (I can even base this on psychological principles! The more people around, the more you're going to be like "Well, someone else will take care of it" and so you don't do anything. It's like the Bystander Effect, where everyone watches some horrible accident or whatever occur, but no one tries to help or calls 911 or anything because they all assume someone else will). And I'll also be really happy to have an apartment that's only one level; I get annoyed with having to go downstairs whenever I want to cook something, and laundry is two floors down (laundry at the new place is like one floor down still, but I don't have to go through someone's room to get there, like I do now, which I feel gives me greater flexibility in doing laundry). This is not to say that I don't enjoy the apartment I'm at now, because I do, and I'm sure there will be flaws in the new apartment (like, one of the bedrooms has a closet that's super small, and the other bedroom doesn't have a closet at all, but instead has like... a rod kind of? idk, at some point I'll post pictures, although probably not for 2+ months, and right now the closets we have are absolutely huge, which is good since I have many clothes. Also, the new apartment might not have a garbage disposal). But I'm still really excited and eager to move in, even though that won't happen until late May at the earliest, early September at the latest.

This 3-day weekend has gone pretty well, productivity-wise. I mean, obviously getting an apartment was productive and one less thing to worry about, but I've made good progress on schoolwork. I still feel a little behind just because of how much I have left to do (finished 2 assignments, but I still have 2 exams I've barely studied for and my class facilitation thing on Thursday, which I'm like... 35-50% done with the powerpoint and research and all that, I think). But I'm feeling a little better about this week now than I was a week ago, at least, and about my class facilitation specifically (I mean, I'll still be nervous as hell, but at least I'm more comfortable with what I'm going to talk about). So hopefully I'll make it through the week in one piece.

Anyways, time to start studying for my Origins exam!
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Um, so... I have an apartment for sure next year? (That shouldn't really be a question, I suppose. I just wasn't expecting to actually sign a contract when I went to see the apartment yesterday) It's really nice, as close to campus as the one I'm in now is (although in the opposite direction from campus). It has hardwood floors! (My apartment now has all carpet except in the kitchen, and the carpets are in desperate need of cleaning. Also, I just think hardwood floors look a lot nicer.) It's $425 a month each, which actually isn't much more expensive than where I am now, despite having 4 people living here. idk, it was just a really nice place, and the landlord seemed nice, and we just both really liked it and didn't want to lose it. I e-mailed my parents the other day about what to do about the whole starting in June thing, and it does seem kind of complicated, but my mom did mention that I wouldn't want to lose a place I really like because of that, and we wouldn't want to wait until late August to look for places, either. I was afraid my parents might be a little annoyed that I signed a contract without consulting them (considering they're paying my rent) for the very first apartment I saw, but both of them said they were glad I found an apartment and that they thought it sounded like a good decision, so that's good.

I forgot in my last post, but now that it's April, in March I watched 144 episodes of TV, 24 movies, and read 5 books. I'm kind of surprised I managed all that. I haven't read anything for fun in like 2 weeks, though, and I'm afraid I'm going to get back into the habit of not reading anything, so I should probably focus more on that than watching movies or TV.

I finally finally finally did some cleaning/organizing of my closet and desk that I've been meaning to do for ages. The drawers in my desk are still ridiculously messy, but at least the top of it and little open space in the middle (if I'd ever actually post pictures of my apartment, I could show what I mean by that. I totally will post pictures at some point! But not today, or even this weekend probably) are nice and organized. And it helped me procrastinate doing work for an hour! Now let's see how long this lasts (spoiler alert: no more than a week). At least for now it's making me happy that everything's all neat and organized.

DOCTOR WHO TODAY! I found this out earlier this week but forgot, but anyways, I'm very excited! I'm still a little sad about Ten being gone, but I also was upset when Nine left and wasn't sure that I'd ever be able to like Ten as much, and I definitely fell in love with him, so... I think I'll get used to it. I also think I'm thinking of it kind of as a different show than the previous seasons, and that helps. I'm also really interested in the new companion and what sort of relationship will exist between Eleven and her, and Moffat has written some excellent episodes, so I'm intrigued to see what sort of season he puts together. I don't know, I guess I'm just very excited in any case. I've been a little bored with most of the other TV I've been watching, anyways, so maybe I'm just excited by having something totally new and shiny to watch.
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It's time again for registering for classes, and I don't know what to take. Classes Stuff )

Today Li and I are going to look at an apartment for next year. We also have a time set up to view another on Monday. Unfortunately both apartments are starting in June, and we were both not planning on moving in until September. The landlord of one of the places said that if we want to start in September, we'd have to wait until later in the year to look for apartments, but that we wouldn't be guaranteed anything. So I don't know. I mean, we could get subletters, but subletters don't usually have their own furniture or wouldn't want to move in furniture for just 3 months, and I won't be around to move my furniture in for whoever to use. But we'll see. I mean, I'd rather get a place that starts in June than no place at all, of course. I'm trying not to be too stressed out about this (which is hard, since I tend to freak out and worry over every little things, even things that aren't really that important).

I have today off because of Good Friday, which is nice. Unfortunately I can't really enjoy this 3-day weekend because of how much schoolwork I have to do. I've finished one small thing I had to do for Monday, but I still have a 5-page social psych paper, two exams, and leading my Mood and Anxiety class for 45 minutes (which involves doing a lot of research and I'm tired of it already). blah. But this is pretty much my last busy week until the last week of school (which will involve exams in Origins and Social Psych, my german final, a short social psych paper like the one I have due Monday, and my final paper for Mood and Anxiety. Although hopefully I'll have much of my Mood and Anxiety final paper done a little sooner than that. I should probably start working on that once this class presentation thing is done.

Anyways, time to try to get some work done before visiting that apartment later!
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Dexter )

I hate that there's only one episode of Dexter left this season! I really want to rewatch the series (at least seasons 2-4, since I did rewatch season 1 over the summer. But then again, season 1 is so amazing and one of my favorite seasons of TV ever, so it wouldn't be much of a hardship to go through it again either). And I am getting my dad season 2 for Christmas, so that's making me even more anxious for break, since I bet we'll watch it sometime during the break. Stupid school. (Only 12 days left!)

Oh I forgot to mention in my last post, we had an apartment meeting on Saturday and, well, there are 5 of us living here right now, which apparently is illegal? I don't know, it might have something to do with fire codes or I don't know what. Anyways, the landlord we have now was okay with just ignoring it, but he sold the complex to someone else who's taking over next semester and this guy is apparently a huge stickler for the rules. And next semester is fine because 2 people are studying abroad but only 1 is getting a subletter (because the other person shares a room with the girl she's in a relationship with so... there's only one bed, and it doesn't really work to get a subletter, obviously) so there will only be 4 of us. But apparently in the fall, 1 of us will have to move out. More Apartment Stuff! )

I got zero done yesterday. I'm ok with that, though. I didn't really need to do anything yesterday, and I needed the break. After classes today, I'll work hard on my research project and presentation so I can talk to my adviser about it tomorrow morning, and then I'll spend Tuesday afternoon working on my cognitive presentation before we meet that night, and then after that I'll do last minute prep for my research presentation. It'll all work out. And in one week exactly my research project will be done and turned in! ugh I can't wait. Only one full week of classes left!
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;lkdjsf I GOT LOCKED OUT OF MY APARTMENT FOR THE 2ND TIME THIS SEMESTER WTF. I mean, I feel kind of irritated towards my roommates even though it's entirely my fault. Well... not ENTIRELY. I mean, last time I got locked out I actually forgot to put my keys in my backpack, but this time I put them in, but the pocket was open and they fell out onto the ground next to my desk. So I thought I had them with me! Last time I just went to the library and 2 of my roommates were like right in the front and I saw them immediately and borrowed keys and got in, so no big deal, but this time everyone was in class or... who knows where, so I went to the library until the 9:40-11:10 class period ended and then came back and it was open. And I suppose I did manage to get all my German homework done during that time which is good, but still. I was looking forward to coming back from Discrete Math and relaxing and maybe watching last night's Friday Night Lights and drinking some coffee (I have not kicked this habit yet) before starting to work. Oh well. At least there was an amazing new Kradam video to watch when I got back. I mean, what? I'm totally not still obsessed with AI S8, I don't know what you're talking about!

Anyways. TV Time!

Being Erica )

Is this season of Being Erica almost over? Or, well, I guess I'm asking if the show has the same number of episodes this season as last season (12, I believe? No more than 13, anyways) or if this season will be a full 22. I don't know if Canadian shows do 22 episode seasons since I've never watched one before. But I really don't want this season to be over already! It's so good!

Glee )

omg on Amazon they have the complete series of Angel for only $62.31! THAT'S RIDICULOUS. WHY DO I ALREADY OWN SEASONS 1 AND 2? I would be so all over that if I didn't. I'm pretty sure I spent $60 on seasons 1 and 2 INDIVIDUALLY. AND NOW THEY'RE SELLING THEM FOR $12.46 A SEASON. THIS IS EVEN BETTER THAN THE FARSCAPE COMPLETE SERIES DEAL. Maybe I can justify it by buying it and giving my parents seasons 1 and 2?

(I have a serious problem with sales. Must resist spending more money.)
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Yay, I have internet again! I was stressing about that (...although not having internet all the time probably wouldn't have hurt this week considering how much work I have to do, but whatever), but now it's all fixed.

School Stuff )

My parents will be here in 2 days! I'm pretty excited about that. It's not that I miss them huge amounts (not that I don't miss them at all, because I do. But it's definitely less than I missed them like freshman year), but I'm looking forward to not having to cook for myself or worry about spending money. And when they come, it's like I'm on vacation and am no longer in school, which is nice. It helps relieve my stress levels a lot.
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Ugh, my internet has been down since yesterday afternoon. No idea when it'll be working again. I can get internet in the library, but I've been having issues with it, and the library is on-campus and definitely more inconvenient than being able to use the internet in my room, and I feel weird watching TV shows on Hulu (which is where I watch most of my TV) in the library. Plus, as I said, I have issues with the library internet, so I don't know if I'd even be able to watch an entire show in there. I really hope it's not out for too long.

Anyways, I finished Fringe yesterday! I... really didn't do much of any work yesterday. But when I woke up I was tired and I was just going to watch an episode or two before starting studying for my Discrete Math test, and then in the early afternoon, I started feeling sick so I kept lying in bed, watching TV, and then I was done by 6 PM and I STILL felt tired and weak and kind of nauseous. It just got worse as the day went on. So I half-heartedly studied for an hour or two and then I actually went to bed (and managed to fall asleep!) by 10:30 PM. Which... it takes me forever to fall alseep no matter how tired I am normally, and I haven't gone to bed that early since high school (and even then, that was only because I was sick). The fact that I fell asleep that early that quickly means that I was probably pretty sick. And then I slept in this morning and somehow slept through my alarm. Or turned it off in my sleep or something, I don't know. But in any case, I'm feeling better now, I think. A little tired, but not nauseous anymore. But since I finished Fringe yesterday, I have random thoughts:

Fringe )
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One of the few things better about living in the dorms, I must say, is that at least there were more than one washing machine and one dryer. I mean, granted, last year I had 2 washers and 2 dryers on my floor for 40 people, and this year I have 1 washer and 1 dryer for 15-20 people, but I never once had to actually wait to do laundry last year. The day that I get my own washer and dryer will be one of the happiest days of my life, not even exaggerating a little.

I finally got my HIMYM S4 and TBBT S1&2 DVDs! I'm so happy. Of course, I should watch them. HIMYM S4 I have less of an urge to watch. Not that I don't absolutely adore it, because I do, but because I watched all of season 4 (well, all that had aired) in April, and then I watched the entire season again with my parents over the summer. And I have been known to watch random episodes from that season when I'm bored (as you can see from my TV episodes watched list on my listography). I mostly just want to watch the S4 special features, but since my parents are coming this weekend, I can make myself wait so I can watch it with them (since I know they'll want to see them). TBBT is kind of harder to make myself watch since I've only seen all the episodes from each season once (...well, okay, I've rewatched a couple episodes. But not too many. And it was awhile ago) and I've had an urge to rewatch both seasons for a few months now. And I want to see the special features, and my parents won't be interested in those since they have never watched the show before so I have no reason to make myself wait. We'll see. I still haven't even finished Fringe yet. ugh, I really need to be prioritizing school over TV. I always do this. sigh.

Speaking of Fringe, there was more German in episode 1.07! I'm trying to use the fact that this show includes a lot of random German (or at least, more than 99% of other shows I've seen) to justify watching this instead of doing work. I mean, it's helping my German listening comprehension, which can only be beneficial in the long run for my German classes, right? ...of course, I should be doing Directed Research homework, so I don't know that that justification really works; maybe if I was blowing off German homework for it instead. Oh well.

My Directed Research adviser sent back my draft of my Introduction with comments, and even though were some things I needed to fix, overall she said she was very impressed, the writing was clear and persuasive, and that I did a great job. So, yay! The thing is, in this class we have a bunch of assignments throughout the semester (Annotated Bibliography, draft of Intro, draft of Methods, IRB form, draft of Results, etc) that are basically just pass/fail (as long as she sees we spent time and effort on the assignments and that we've taken her comments and the comments of our group of DR students into consideration, then we get credit), but our final grade in the class is essentially determined by our final paper. So if the final paper isn't perfect, then... that's our ultimate grade in the class. Which... kind of sucks and is kind of good? It's good because I don't need to stress out as much throughout the semester. I just need to make sure I put in the effort, and then I'll get a bunch of criticism and ways to improve my work. However, that puts a lot of weight on the final paper, and so I'll need to make sure that the paper is absolutely an A paper for me to get an A in the class. But in any case, it's a good sign that she was impressed with the draft and my writing; if she didn't like my writing style, then I would probably have some issues with the final paper. What I'll probably try to do is have everything done at least a week before the due date for the final paper and then go over it with her to see what criticisms she has so that my final draft has absolutely nothing wrong with it. Since, I mean, now that I'm taking Discrete Math pass/fail, I really need to be putting every effort into my other classes.
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I totally failed to mention that last weekend I read all of the Vampire Diaries books, and so now I have random thoughts about the show versus the books and about last night's episode. The Vampire Diaries )

I also watched the premiere of The Beautiful Life. The Beautiful Life 1.01 )

Even with the amount of complaining I did in my last post about the workload, I've decided to make it even worse. I'm probably going to be volunteering on Saturdays and maybe also Sundays from 9 AM to noon at this homeless shelter in St. Paul. I'd be reading, tutoring, and talking with kids, mostly. I enjoy tutoring and reading aloud and stuff like that, so I think it would be good. It's with the psych department here, so I will probably be able to go in a van with people, so transportation isn't an issue. And I should've volunteered or done something last summer, so this is to kind of make up for that so I can maybe get some sort of internship next semester or over the summer. I mean, it's not for sure yet since I've only just e-mailed the guy to express interest in it and he's e-mailed me back to give info. If I do start going, it'll probably be as soon as next week. I'm hoping since it's on Saturday and Sunday mornings that it won't cut into schoolwork time too much since I'd probably just be sleeping through most of that time anyways.

I haven't talked much about my living situation since school started, but things are going very well. I'm getting along with everyone, which is good, and I'm getting to know one of the girls who I hadn't met before moving in a lot better. Her workload is even more ridiculous than mine, though. She had a 6-page paper due last Monday plus a bunch of other smaller papers, and we haven't even been in school a week yet. Remind me not to double major in Chemistry and Biology. I think I might finally post pictures of the apartment this weekend, in addition to maybe finally posting pictures of my dorm room last year (for comparison to how much more amazing where I'm living this year is) and from my trip back home in May and back to Minnesota in August.
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Okay, so I'm finally at school. I arrived in St. Paul on Wednesday, and I've been actually living in my apartment since Saturday night. I wasn't a huge fan of the room when I looked at it in May (I didn't hate it or anything, but I didn't really care for it), but it's looking so nice now. The walls are a pretty strong blue, and I hated them when I first saw them and wanted to paint them at some point, but over the course of a few days, they've really grown on me. I'm so happy with my room. I think we're going to put some posters up since a few walls are kind of blank and empty, and we might be getting a TV this weekend, so I'll wait till everything's really sorted to post pictures. Of course, I always say I'm going to post pictures and never do. I haven't even uploaded the ones of my dorm last year from the camera to the computer (although that was party because I left my camera cord at home and didn't bring it until the spring semester where I forgot my camera battery recharger in turn), but if I do end up taking pictures of my room and apartment, I'll upload the ones from last year as well.

The girl I'm sharing a room with I was friends with last year, but the other 3 girls I met for the first time this past week. I was a bit nervous at first (I suck at meeting new people), but they're all very nice and welcoming and such. I think it'll be good. In any case, I can stand a year living with them, and if things suck, I'll get my own apartment next year.

While on vacation, my parents and I watched season 4 of Buffy and season 1 of Angel. My parents didn't like season 4 of Buffy as much as the other seasons. They said that they don't think the college stuff works as well. They both adore Spike, but I don't know if they still will after season 5. They were saying before we got to the end of the season that they were sure he would get his chip removed by the end of season 4 because he was too good a villain and it would be too boring for him to stay chipped. I haven't told them anything about Buffy/Spike, so I'm interested to see their reaction. They both really enjoyed Angel, my dad especially, which kind of surprised me. My dad is really looking forward to season 2 what with Darla coming back since he really likes Julie Benz from watching season 1 of Dexter. I don't know when we'll get season 5 of Buffy and season 2 of Angel in. I guess over winter break, although I don't think we'll have enough time to finish them both. We'll see. It was really fun watching season 4 of Buffy for me, anyways. It's been ages since I've seen nearly all those episodes. I actually kind of like Riley before he and Buffy start officially dating; he's pretty sweet. He gets annoying once he gets all angsty over everything and isn't just cute and happy.

What else? I bought books yesterday and it was the cheapest semester for books ever. I only have books for 2 classes (one for one class and a book and a workbook for another), which was nice. We don't have internet in our apartment, wireless or otherwise, but the guys next door have wireless and it's unlocked and it doesn't cost them any extra for us to use it, so everyone here with a laptop has just been stealing their internet. If they lock it at some point, I think we're going to get wireless. I still have a lot to take care of here, unfortunately. But at least the room is almost done. I probably won't be on much in the next week, anyways, since I'll be pretty busy with apartment stuff and classes.


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