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I'm through season 1 of my Doctor Who/Torchwood rewatch, so here are my random thoughts:
(Despite this being about season 1 primarily, there are spoilers for later seasons of Doctor Who, and possibly also Torchwood, as I have seen all of both shows and occasionally see things in these episodes that remind me of later episodes. So just to warn you if you've only seen season 1. Additional warning: if you hadn't noticed yet, I ship the Doctor/Rose. I don't think I'm too terrible or crazy a shipper, as that doesn't prevent me from loving Martha and Donna and I love Nine, Ten, and what we've seen of Eleven loads. And I try to warn for my shipping craziness when I start getting that way in these reviews and contain it to just like one paragraph, but it definitely pops up elsewhere, as I am a huge shipper. Also, I do really love Rose as a character outside of the Doctor/Rose. So if you hate her or that ship, you might not be super interested in what I have to say)

I always forget how much I love Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. I mean, I remember I love season 1 more than any other of this show, and I know that I shipped Rose/Doctor even in season 1, and yet somehow I always forget just how awesome Christopher Eccleston is. And then he shows up and he holds Rose's hand and they run for their lives and it's like, oh yeah.

It's funny how similar Nine, Ten, and (from what we've seen so far) Eleven really are. I always think they're more different than they are. But in the first episode when Nine talks about how Rose just got in the way and about humans just sitting around and doing nothing or whatever he was going on about reminded me a lot of Eleven yelling "No one human speaks!" or whatever in The Beast Below. And Rose asking him "So the whole world revolves around you?" and Nine saying "Yeah" or whatever reminded me a lot of Ten in a lot of ways. There are differences, of course. It's so weird to see Nine going on about how humans are stupid apes and all that, when Ten always seemed to glorify the human race and go on about how wonderful humans are and all.

I will never not find it hilarious that Rose doesn't notice that Mickey has turned plastic for several hours. I don't know if that says more about Rose, Mickey, or just their relationship in general.

I like how quickly when the Doctor confirms he's not human and asks if that's going to be a problem, Rose says no. Especially in comparison to like... how Mickey reacts, calling the Doctor a thing. idk, it's just nice.

I absolutely love that Rose saves the Doctor's life. I doubt he would have invited her along if she hadn't proved herself by being smart and brave. Amy saving the day in The Beast Below reminds me of this a lot, too. Like, now she's proven herself and it makes up for the fact that she screwed up by choosing to forget and not tell him what was going on.

I love when Nine asks Rose if she wants to come. Just... how he does it. Like it's not big deal, when obviously he's kind of... nervous and unsure and it matters a whole lot if she says yes or turns him down. Because she's his first companion in this form and since the Time War (I mean... based on the canon shown on the show. You could speculate otherwise, and maybe the books or whatever say differently, I don't know. But in any case, you can tell that it's a big deal. Moreso, I think, than like... when Eleven asks Amy, or Ten asks Donna in the Christmas special and she turns him down (although it's been ages since I've seen it, so I could be wrong).

The End of the World
I love that Nine's idea of the perfect place to take Rose first is the end of Earth. It's like... thoughtful almost, and he's trying to impress her, but... just no. Because the idea of everything ending and the world as she knows it stopping is not going to be something that makes her happy. Rose could have handled it after more trips, but for the first one? It's all just very overwhelming. Oh, Doctor. Nice try, but fail.

I love the idea that over 5 billion years, trees evolve consciousness and intelligence. That's super cool.

THE FACE OF BOE!!! (slash Jack Harkness!)

I kind of really like that Rose gets a little freaked out about the Doctor being this strange man and her being so far from home and not being sure about the situation at all. Like, in the first episode, Rose kind of had to prove herself to the Doctor, but here, the Doctor kind of has to prove himself to her. And part of that too is the Doctor not really being forthcoming with where he's from and who he is. I mentioned before that I found it interesting that Eleven was actually open and told Amy he's the last of his kind, whereas Martha actually had to sit Ten down and make him tell her, and here it's the same way. Which makes sense, because here Nine's still fresh from the Time War, but Eleven maybe is dealing with it better and has started to move past it and it's not something that's just causing him endless pain. And yeah, anyways, I find the comparison interesting, and I really like it.

I find it kind of funny how the Doctor's like "Oh, it would be you" when he finds out Rose is trapped in the room where the sun filter is descending, where you know if this were later in the season, or if it were Ten, especially, he would be going totally crazy and yelling "ROSE!!!!!!" and such.

The ending of this is one of my favorite things ever. The Doctor gets why Rose is unhappy and comforts her and holds her hand and takes her back to Earth and then he tells her who he is and that he's the last of the Timelords. He hasn't opened up fully (because he still hasn't told her about the Daleks and his role in the end of both the Timelords and the Daleks. Well, theoretical end of the Daleks, as they seem to always survive. They're like cockroaches, seriously), but he's letting Rose in a bit.

The Unquiet Dead
I was kind of really excited to rewatch this even though it's not one of my favorites just because the last time I watched this, I hated Charles Dickens (and by that I mean I was forced to read A Tale of Two Cities for 9th grade English with an incompetent teacher and hated it, and I was also very familiar with A Christmas Carol, but A Tale of Two Cities definitely like... had more impact on my feelings for Dickens), but now I've fallen in love with some of his stories and appreciate him much better and so I was really looking forward to seeing if I could catch any references I didn't the first time, and just him being involved in general.

Hello there Gwen Cooper! I did in fact see this episode once after seeing Torchwood, so this isn't the first time I've watched this connecting her to Gwen, but still.

I love the Doctor's reaction to seeing Rose in that dress, and how he kind of catches himself and adds "Considering" to like... detach himself from that. Like maybe he sees himself getting more emotionally attached to her than he wants. I don't know, I just find it interesting and I really enjoy it.

I really enjoy also how the Doctor looks at Rose when she's yelling at the guy who took her and ordering him to explain. He's so entertained and like... proud of her. I like that he starts off in 1.01 yelling about how stupid humans are and they're being apes and all that, but that Rose surprises him and starts to change her mind. And I think that like... I don't know. It makes sense how he then gets so upset in Father's Day when she saves her father and screws everything up. Because he forgot that she's human and susceptible to all the same errors and flaws that all humans are. I mean, I think I've seen people who don't like Rose citing Father's Day as one of the reasons why she sucks, but seriously, come on. Who in that situation wouldn't save their father, no matter how much they realized that it would screw everything up. I would have a hard time not saving any person in that situation, let alone my own father. But you can see why the Doctor gets so upset. Rose has spent so much of the season showing him how she's not just like every other human being, and then she disappoints him, after he's already like... built this trust up in her and thought she was better than that. But anyways, I'll get to that when I get to that episode (which is one of my absolute favorites of this season).

This is an episode I always enjoy more when I watch it than I expect to. It's actually rather good. The dungeon scene between Nine and Rose is kind of epic (They hold hands! They're glad they met each other, despite it resulting in them possibly dying in a dungeon in 1869!), and the friendship Rose forms with Gwyneth is really rather sweet. And Dickens being insecure and asking if his books last! Awwwwww.

Aliens of London/World War Three
I know a lot of people don't like these episodes, but I have always been quite fond of them. I mean, a spaceship crashes into Big Ben! Rose has been gone 12 months! There's great emotional conflict stuff between the Doctor and Jackie over Rose and the Doctor saying "I could save the world but lose you"! There's Tosh (...kind of)! There's the introduction of Harriet Jones, Prime Minister (well, at this point, MP for something or other)! Rose has to adjust to being home after going on these adventures! The Doctor gives Rose a key to the Tardis! The alien that's actually a pig! (Ok, that might just be me that enjoys that bit, but whatever, it's adorable! And I liked the Doctor saying "It was scared!" and being disgusted that the soldier shot the creature.) And the Doctor even invites Mickey to come with them! Sure, the Slitheen are kind of ridiculous, but the aliens/monsters/etc. on this show can often be ridiculous. At least it's not boring, like some episodes, and it definitely has more like... emotional scenes and development than some.

I love the scene between the Doctor and Rose on top of... I think the apartment building? And Rose is complaining and then the spaceship crash lands. I don't know why, I just really enjoy it. I also love the Doctor giving Rose a key to the Tardis, as I already mentioned. And I love the Doctor saying "I could save the world and lose you." You can see how he's already become very fond of her and attached to her even after traveling with her for only a short time. I don't know, I just have a lot of fondness for these episodes, despite them not being the best of Doctor Who storylines.

I also really love the ending. The Doctor inviting Mickey along and him not being up for it, and Rose giving the Doctor her bag and telling him he's stuck with her, and Rose telling Jackie that it's a time machine and they could travel all over and be back in 10 seconds, and Jackie waiting but her not coming back. It's really a wonderful ending.

I think this is the episode more than any other that made me fall in love with this show. I wasn't hooked from the start. I thought it was decent, but I wasn't that into it. There were parts I liked, but nothing that stood out. Then this episode happened and it just blew me away, and I was hooked from then on.

Just, there's no flaws in the episode (at least for me), and part of the reason I start to get tired and annoyed of the Daleks coming back so often is that no Dalek episode could compare to this one. How both the Doctor and the Dalek are the last of their kind (except, as we find out later, not really, but still. They think they are), and the Doctor's fresh off the Time War, and Rose is just finding out all about this, and she shows empathy for the Dalek and the Dalek just wants to have freedom and die.

Adam is really cute. I know he turns out to let the Doctor down, but I think it's a little excusable, as... he was new to it all and the Doctor really only let him come along because of Rose but he didn't care about him either, and so he kind of neglected him. (Also, I'm pretty sure he was jealous of the crush he thought Rose might have on Adam.) I don't know, I'm not saying I wanted him to stay (other than for the eye candy), but at the same time, I think the Doctor was a bit unfair to him. I do kind of wish there were more short-term companions like Adam, though. In season 2 there's Mickey and season 4 there's Martha, but both of them were characters already introduced, and in both cases, Mickey only really joined because of Rose, and Martha didn't even join voluntarily; the Tardis kind of forced the situation. Oh, and there's Jack this season, of course. If only he could have been longer-term, though.

The reveal of the Dalek is brilliant. The Doctor trying to comfort it before he knows what it is and the Dalek saying "Doctor" and, of course, "EXTERMINATE!" and the Doctor's terror and then thrill at it being locked up and unable to shoot at him. And then there's the reveal that the Doctor was the one to destroy the Daleks and Timelords in the Time War.

It's ridiculous how much I empathize with the Dalek. He's just waiting for orders! He has to find out that his enemy has destroyed all of his race! He's alone in the universe! Him saying "I'm all alone" or whatever to the Doctor, and then the "Yes, I am in pain" and everything when Rose comes kills me. And he even recognizes that the Doctor loves Rose! ...sure, he kills a bunch of people, but then he kills himself. He's tortured and stuff, ok? He just wants his freedom! Nine is also really interesting here. This is what Ten was talking about in regards to how Ten 2 was like him after the Time War. Because I didn't see it at first, but now I do. It's not that he's like... jumping to destroy any race. He gives everyone else a chance to stop their plan (like the Slitheens and the... Autons? Whoever the aliens in the first episode were). But the Daleks are a sore point. The Dalek telling the Doctor "You would make a good Dalek" was chilling but also like... I don't want to say true, but definitely more true of the Doctor when he's in this state than later on in the series.

The Dalek coming after Rose when Rose misses the vault closing and the Doctor tearing up and Rose telling him it wasn't his fault ;lkasjf omg it kills me. Really I could say that about every bit of this episode, but especially from that part on. I love Rose in this episode so much. She's empathetic to the Dalek, and then even after she finds out what Daleks are like, she won't let the Doctor kill it.

The Dalek telling Rose to order it to kill itself actually makes me tear up. The whole end is just heartbreaking. "Are you frightened, Rose Tyler?" / "Yeah." / "So am I." It's perfect.

The Long Game
I like this episode. It's not one of the major amazing ones that everyone loves, but it's one of the minor ones that people usually don't pay much attention to that I still like. Another one like that would be Gridlock, which I still don't fully understand why I love it, but I do.

lol forever at the Face of Boe being pregnant. This has to be one of the only canon mpregs on TV ever.

OMG SUKI, THE UNDERCOVER JOURNALIST PERSON, PLAYED ESTHER IN BLEAK HOUSE. Her voice sounded so familiar, but she looked so different! My mind is blown. Also, speaking of casting, SIMON PEGG. I mean, I knew that the last time I watched it, but it still deserves exclaiming over. Also, Caroline from Green Wing! Crazy random casting in this episode.

Ok, there's not really much to say about this episode. It's not amazing or anything, but I still have a certain fondness for it.

Father's Day
Ok, so if Dalek hadn't hooked me, Father's Day definitely would have, and it definitely made me fall in love with the show even more. I love the conflict between Rose and the Doctor, and what I talked about before with the Doctor forgetting that Rose is a human and has faults, and how upset he gets but then he comes to understand. This is definitely an episode that never fails to make me cry.

I think the Doctor knows that the whole thing is a bad idea. He probably suspects what might happen, even, at least in the back of his mind, and yet he loves Rose and wants to give this to her, can't say no, and then she disappoints him, acts as any other human would, except he doesn't see Rose as any other human. And I think there's an element too of like... well, he asks Rose afterwards if this was the entire reason she came with him, if she was planning this, and I think he's almost taking it personally, like... she didn't come along for the companionship, because she liked him, because she wanted to see the universe, but because she knew he could travel in time and she wanted to save her dad.

Also, I'm trying not to get too shippy about this because I know a lot of people aren't into that and it's really not like the only part of this season or this show that I like and I can get really crazy and ridiculous when shippy, but this paragraph is going to be my crazy shipping theories, so be forewarned. Anyways, so the way I see Doctor/Rose in this season is that Rose loves him like a friend and maybe she's a little in love with him or attracted to him, but she doesn't consciously see him that way. Like in The Doctor Dances and she says the thing about the attractive ones regarding Jack and Nine is like "I'll try not to be offended by that" and she's like "I mean, men," and he's like "Oh, thanks." But Nine falls in love with her, slowly. I'm not sure where exactly, I've tried to pinpoint it, and by Father's Day I definitely think he loves her. In Dalek/The Long Game, as well, and I think he's a little jealous about Adam, and of Jack in The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. I mean, when he sees Rose in the dress in The Unquiet Dead and also how proud of her he looks in that episode is part of it. And I think that goes on, that she surprises him and chooses the life of traveling with him and isn't afraid to venture off into these unknown places. So yeah, I think part of why he's so upset in this episode that he's in love with her and he knows it and he feels like such an idiot because here Rose is and apparently she only ever wanted to come with him so she could save her father. She was selfish and fully human and that upsets him. For Rose, I don't think she falls in love with him until he regenerates. Or at least isn't aware of it until then. Because she does love Nine, but Ten is younger and more flirty (and according to Turn Left, which I watched earlier the same day I watched this, she really likes Ten's hair) and I think that's when she began to realize that her love for him wasn't just platonic, but that she was attracted to him as well. Anyways, that's my theory on their relationship and how they fall in love with each other. But as I said, I'm also a crazy shipper.

Ok, no more overtly crazy shippy stuff! I love the reveal that the Tardis has really just become a police box. It's so bizarre to see it like that.

And Pete! Oh man, Pete. Just... wow. He's kind of a loser, and Rose has idealized him (well, based on what Jackie's told her, who has also kind of idealized him after his death), and then he's kind of a disappointment, but even with that, he figures it out, who Rose is and what has to happen, and sacrifices himself to save the world. He's a good man, and I'm glad that we got parallel universe Pete and that he and Jackie got to be together and even have another child. It's the one part of Doomsday that isn't absolutely devastating.

I think I saw someone comparing Ten and Nine and discussing how Nine somehow seemed more alien, and I agree with that. I really saw it when he was talking to the couple that was going to be married and said "Yes, I'll try to save you." Just the way he said it, it seemed somewhat alien.

Nine talking to baby Rose was adorable. And I love them making up. And their hug. Despite their conflict, this episode is so good for really developing their relationship and strengthening it (whether you precieve it as romantic or not).

I love that this is an episode where the Doctor doesn't save everyone. I mean, I'm sure he knew Pete dying would fix everything, but he wasn't about to bring that about. And it isn't Rose to save the day, either. It's Pete. And that's just... so excellent. I feel like despite Pete being a bit of a disappointment, he almost turned out better than Rose could have hoped for, sacrificing himself to save everyone else. Obviously it was the right thing to do, but how many people would be able to do it? It's just really wonderful.

The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
I adore these episodes (well, doesn't everyone?). And finally some episodes I adore that aren't even a small part horribly depressing. I mean, there's Jack! And the Doctor dances! And flirty goodness between all 3 of them! (My OT3, it is showing.) And everyone lives!

Also, CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON WITH A CAT. David Tennant with a kitten is one of the few reasons I can pinpoint as to why I enjoy Gridlock so much.

CAPTAIN JACK. (I have a feeling I'm going to be capslock-y about this episode. It's just so joyful!) It's weird how happy he is. I've gotten used to his doom and gloom from Torchwood, particularly COE (of course, by the end of that, his doom and gloom is pretty justified). But he's all cheerful and flirty and the Captain Jack I first fell for. Actually that kind of implies I loved him from the start, which I didn't, because I'm pretty sure my first reaction was ";lkajsf no but Doctor/Rose! She can't be flirting with Jack! He's going to mess things up!" And then Jack met the Doctor and flirted with him as well and I saw how amazing they all were together and now of course I'm fully in love. And now I'm a little more sad that there wasn't more just Doctor/Rose/Jack or even Rose/Jack (since we got a good amount of Rose/Doctor, and there was a lot of Doctor/Jack in the season 3 finale) at the end of season 4.

Nancy is kind of bad-ass. I would have been interested in maybe seeing her travel around with the Doctor a bit (although she was probably a bit more preoccupied with her son).

I adore the sonic conversation between Jack and the Doctor and Jack asking "Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks 'Ooh, this could be more sonic!'" The Doctor is so jealous over Rose/Jack, too. You can totally see it when he's like "Where'd you pick this one up, then," like Rose is just going to keep picking up loser guys and ignore the fact that the Doctor's right there in front of her. (Ok I'll stop being shippy.)

"Rose, I'm trying to resonate concrete," is one of my favorite lines ever in this show. For some reason I find it just hilarious.

And Rose and the Doctor dancing! They're adorable. I love how happy Nine is at the end of this. He so rarely gets to be that happy.

I like this episode quite a bit. Apparently I don't hate the Slitheen as much as most people (although I do think this one is better than the earlier 2-parter).

I love how happy Rose, the Doctor, and Jack are together. They're just so excited and have inside jokes and are flirty and fun. I wish there were more episodes with them getting to travel together and being happy. I mean, in the previous two-parter, they aren't all together much, and it takes the Doctor a little while to warn to him, and in the 2-parter finale, they're separated at the beginning and then they're preoccupied with saving everything. I just want some episodes where they can have adventures and have fun, like between Ten and Rose at the beginning of season 2.

I love Nine noticing the project's name is Bad Wolf in Welsh, and the music building and him and Rose discussing hearing Bad Wolf before, and then the Doctor's like "Nah, it's just a coincidence" and they move on.

I love Rose and Nine hugging after she says the name of the planet the Slitheen is from correctly. Aw, adorable. This episode and the previous 2 are pretty much the height of happiness for Nine, I think.

It's kind of funny seeing Jack in Cardiff around the riff knowing that he's also probably in the Torchwood base at this point. I think I read somewhere about it being mentioned in a Torchwood novel that Jack has to like... orchestrate it so he doesn't run into himself and the Torchwood team doesn't investigate it or something. But I haven't read it myself, so I could be wrong. It wasn't something I had thought about before this time, though.

(Also, the Doctor watching Mickey and Rose walking away! He is so in love with her at this point, even though I don't think she returns the feelings in the same way until he becomes Ten, or... actually I think she does, but she doesn't realize it or think about him that way until Ten.)

Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways
This finale doesn't destroy me like Doomsday does, but it definitely makes me tear up, and it's one of my favorite finales of any show ever.

The Doctor sitting in the confessional (or I guess the Brits call it Diary Room?) is one of the funniest images ever.

I like how the beginning with them each in their reality shows almost feels like a dream. Especially Rose's, where it's like... she thinks she's not supposed to be there but her name is on the thing and it's like dreaming you have to take a test you haven't studied for or whatever.

TORCHWOOD. I forgot that it was mentioned in this episode (during The Weakest Link). Crazy.

I almost get teary when Rose loses the game and the Doctor shows up and she's disintegrated. I mean, I know she's totally fine, but omg she's so panicked and the Doctor and Jack are so upset. And their joy when they realize Rose is still alive! Awwwww.

I really love how the Doctor and Jack are completely silent until the opportunity strikes and the Doctor is all "Let's do it" and then they escape and go off. It's just an awesome moment.

Seeing all the Dalek ships is really chilling, as is when we see where Rose was transported and it's like "Oh good, she's alive and safe!" and then 1 second later you realize that, oh hey, not so safe after all, she's pretty much as good as dead. Also, when the Doctor confronts the Daleks at the end of Bad Wolf and he's like "No" and "I'm coming to get you" is one of my favorite moments of anything ever. (Also, does the Dalek really say "What is the meaning of this negative?" because I've never heard that before, but I did this time and I found it hilarious. Oh Daleks, you are so adorable.)

l;akjsf I love Jack kissing both Rose and the Doctor. I'm sure that didn't really need to be said, but still. It's wonderful. And it makes it just so sad that they leave him (not that Rose knew, and the Doctor kind of had his reasons, in addition to going through a regeneration) when he so fully loves them both.

I find it kind of interesting that the Doctor does the same thing with regards to Rose in both season 1 and 2. In season 1, he sends her home without her knowing what he's doing to keep her safe from the Daleks. In season 2, he sends her to the safe parallel universe when she doesn't want him to to keep her safe from the Daleks. And in both cases, she comes back to help the Doctor and ends up saving the day. Of course, the 2 situations have very different outcomes, but still, I find the comparison interesting.

I always forget how heartbreaking it is when Rose is sent back. It shouldn't be sad, because it means that she's going to be safe and protected, but it is, because you can see how upset she is and how much she desperately wants to go back.

The reveal that the Dalek Emperor isn't responsible for "Bad Wolf" is so cool. Because, I mean, the whole season it's been popping up and you think it has to relate to the big final evil of the season, and it even has the word bad in it, but it's Rose all along.

And the end just kills me. "My doctor." "Rose, before I go I just want to tell you, you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I."

I love how the Doctor is kind of making light of his regeneration, even though you can tell he's upset about it. Like what Ten was talking about, how it is like dying, even though he stays alive. But Rose is there, and she doesn't know what's going on, so he has to act like no big deal.

Also, I think in the past I've gotten more teary or upset at the end when Nine regenerates, but this time I couldn't help but grin when David Tennant shows up. I guess Ten really is my doctor (although I adore Nine and, so far, Eleven so much, just like I adore all the companions as well), so I couldn't help but be happy that I'm to his part of the show.

I managed to watch some other TV as well last night:

I really enjoyed this! I think this is one of the funnier episodes of this season. And really, I liked when Barney was telling Robin about Marshall getting mugged and doing it different ways and you could see the different scenarios. I mean, it kind of involved unreliable narration, and idk. I love when this show goes into storytelling like this. And the ending cracked me up. So yeah, overall I thought it was a good episode, and I'm going to try for once to not complain about my issues with this season and just enjoy the episode.

...starting off with Leonard/Penny post-sex is not my idea of a great beginning. But problems between Leonard and Penny are.

"The Internet Explorer to my Firefox." alks;jdfl;kj SHELDON I LOVE YOU. And Sheldon vs. Will Wheaton is epic and amazing.

ugh Leonard was being such a douche. I understand him being upset at first, but when he was talking to Penny in the bowling alley and was being sarcastic about the chili cheese fries. You can't freaking push someone into saying "I love you" and Leonard was pushing and Penny was a million percent right and I'm so happy and proud of her for saying that.

AND SHELDON BROUGHT PENNY ICE CREAM!!! That was so sweet!!! And he wasn't mad at Penny for the game being forfeited, and he volunteered to get Leonard off the team!

So did Penny and Leonard break up? I'm a little nervous if it's happening now and not the finale. If it was the finale, I would expect it to stick for awhile, but a couple episodes before the finale? I can see them getting back together by the end, and that would suck. =/ idk. But it wasn't super final, so maybe they'll drag it out to the finale and then it will be over and done with for good. That would be ideal. And then they never have to return to that relationship ever again. (Except they probably will, but let me live in hope and naivety for a little while, anyways.)

How is it that in 2 days we'll be halfway through April? The end of the semester is starting to go by really quickly. It's good because at this point in the semester I'm always so tired and ready for a break, but it's bad because oh crap I have a million things to do besides schoolwork even, like figuring out what I'm doing this summer and what I should be doing to prepare for applying to grad school in the fall and figuring out where I want to apply and if I'm sure about what I'm planning on doing and ugh. Too much for me to handle.

I got a 99 on my Origins exam (well, 97 plus 2 extra credit points she gave to the entire class because apparently a lot of people did really badly and only 3 people got As. But I actually did better on this test than the last one, which is weird). I was feeling a little nervous about this class, especially because of the podcast project thing, but now I think I should really be fine. So I'm nearly guaranteed an A in 3 of my classes, but who the hell knows about Mood and Anxiety. As of now, I have an A-, but that's only one assignment; I could easily bring it down or up with my group presentation (Thursday), the class facilitation I already did but don't know how well I did yet, and the final paper (I should really start that sometime. I was going to start researching this weekend, but then I watched Doctor Who instead. oops).

I have an exam on Wednesday, a group project on Thursday, and a short German essay on Friday, so I sadly won't be able to watch Doctor Who as non-stop for the next few days. I kind of want to get the full series rewatch done by like Sunday because after that, there are really other things I should focus on, but I doubt I'll get done by then. We'll see, though.

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I really need to re-watch the early seasons of DW. I have only seen them once!

I wasn't really into HIMYM. Barney was being an ass in front of Robin again. Which wouldn't have bothered me if not for the last ep. And I only slightly chuckled a couple of times.

"The Internet Explorer to my Firefox."
HAHAHA that line was one of my favorites.

I think Leonard/Penny are broken up, at least for now. Apparently Bill Prady was tweeting at the time and he confirmed as much.
Hopefully they'll let it go for awhile. I don't mind Leonard/Penny as friends, I just wish they'd keep it as that. It has nothing to do with Sheldon, it's just that L/P are no fun to watch in romantic situations.

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I've seen every episode of DW at least twice (once when they first air and then I'd watch them with my mom when they air on BBC America/SciFi), and I own seasons 1-3, but I haven't watched any of them since around the time season 4 aired (I think I saw season 3 right before season 4 aired, and season 1 the summer after), so it's been a long time for some of the episodes, especially season 2. And I've never watched all the seasons in order like this, or watched them with Torchwood season 1 following DW season 2, and season 2 following DW season 3. So it's a lot of fun for me to rewatch the whole series.

I think for me a lot of episodes this season I've found them funny and entertaining while I watched them, and then a week or two later I forgot what happened. That'll probably be what happens with this; I enjoyed it while I watched it, but it'll end up being forgettable. I do really like whenever they play around with storytelling, though, so I liked the aspect of it that you're not really entirely sure what happened to Marshall.

Yeah, I read about that tweet a little after I posted. I forget what it said, but it didn't give me hope that they're going to abandon Leonard/Penny altogether, unfortunately. I'm the same way; Leonard/Penny as friends is perfectly fine. And as much as I enjoy Sheldon/Penny, I don't have high hopes of it happening, even with Leonard/Penny broken up, so it's less ABOUT Sheldon/Penny for me and more about the fact that Leonard/Penny is just such a boring couple and Leonard becomes such a douchebag and terrible friend when he's with Penny or pursuing her. And I'm not even convinced that he's in love with Penny (especially given last season when once a new pretty girl showed up, he totally started ignoring Penny), and I've definitely seen no evidence for why Penny should be in love with Leonard, so their relationship is just so blah for me. If they do have to return to it, I hope it's not for awhile, as I really need a break from them.


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