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It turns out I have to register for classes on Monday rather than Tuesday, like I originally thought. Doesn't make a huge difference, other than it means I have to talk to my adviser today about what I'm going to take so I can get my pin to register rather than also having Monday. I like my adviser a lot, but I hate that I never am able to find him. My classes always conflict with when he's in his office, and he's in class when I have time, and it seems whenever I go to see him, he's never there. Here's to hoping I can find him after Origins today. (I'm tempted to ask my Origins professor, who happens to be his wife, if she has any idea if he's going to be in his office this afternoon or when he might be around on Monday. But then I just feel stupid, so I'll probably just e-mail him if I can't find him today. He's pretty relaxed, so he'd probably just let me tell him my plans over e-mail and then e-mail me by pin.)

TV reactions:

awwww Hurley/Libby! I always liked them. (I totally did not remember that Michael killed Libby, though. I so need to do my series rewatch after this season is over. That will be one plan for this summer.)

Uh wow, so there goes Alana. I was not expecting that! I'm not particularly heartbroken as we never really got a lot of info about her.

DESMOND! I mean, in the alternate universe. (Well, also in the "real" one, but I was expecting that. I wasn't expecting him to show up again so soon in the alternate one. al;kfjs I need to know what's happening between him and Penny!)

I love that Hurley's actually taken up a leadership role in this one instead of Jack (who never gets anything right). Although I'm glad that Jack is still feeling guilty about being responsible for Juliet's death. He should still feel awful about that. I'm still upset about that (but holding out the hope for Sawyer/Juliet in the alternate universe).

l;kjasf I loved Hurley asking Libby out on a date in the alternate universe, and then seeing all the flashes when they kissed!!! omg awesome. And Desmond watching! Is the rest of the season (series!) just going to be Desmond going around matchmaking in the alternate universe? Because I am up for that. Especially if it involves getting couples back together that I loved but one of them was killed off (Note to Desmond: you totally need to get Sawyer and Juliet, and Charlie and Claire back together next! You can spend some of your time being adorable with Penny, though, if you'd like).

Wait wait wait did Locke just kill off this universe Desmond? Because that is so not okay. Desmond is my favorite character! Now I am convincing (maybe deluding) myself more than ever that someone the dead characters are going to be brought back, possibly by the alternate and "real" universes like... combining. And I am going to choose to believe that until proven otherwise for the sake of my sanity.

HOLY CRAP DESMOND JUST RAN OVER LOCKE. HOLY CRAP. In his vision did he see "real" universe Locke killing him? I DON'T UNDERSTAND. Oh man this episode is insane.

Ok this isn't really super specific about the episode, but I have to say, I can't believe how much I've been enjoying Fringe. I mean, I originally watched 4 episodes of this show when it first started airing and got bored and stopped. I'm so glad I decided to check it out again last fall, though, after hearing that it had gotten better, and it's gotten even better since then. Jacksonville was one of my favorite episodes of any show that's aired this year, and I really loved this episode as well. I like that they don't stop the bad guy, although he's not really a fully bad guy, and that they end up not knowing about it at all. And the white tulip! Poor Walter. Also, one of my major issues with the show at the beginning was that I didn't care about Olivia at all, she had no charisma, and the actress wasn't very good. But somehow along the way I've found myself really liking her, and I think it might be partially due to me just having a better... handle on her personality, I guess. I like that she's rather calm and in control most of the time, and that all this crazy stuff doesn't really phase her usually.

So yeah, just needed to say, really loving this show right now. Definitely one of the shows I look most forward to every week, and I'm really excited for next week's episode after seeing the preview.

I'm about halfway through my Torchwood rewatch, should be through it by tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, it's the Doctor Who Season 5 premiere on BBC America! My mom watches Doctor Who as it airs on BBC America, so I'm kind of excited to know what she thinks and discuss it with her.


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