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I finished my paper (finally!) and sent a draft to my professor! I was super nervous about what she'd have to say, because even though I felt like it was one of the best papers I've written, I'm still very self-critical and unsure and who knows what she'd think. But she said "Wow! This is in excellent shape!" She has a few minor comments, but I have an entire week to make those changes and there aren't many and alksfj yay! I'm so happy now. This is a huge relief.

My parents are kind of ridiculous. I e-mail them to stay in touch with them while I'm at school, and we've been discussing when they should arrive, and they hadn't responded directly to anything I said in my last 2 e-mails, even though I included questions in there and there was stuff I thought they'd respond to. So I e-mailed them again 2 days ago and had some specific questions, and that night, my dad texted me a picture of one of my pet birds and it was like "Here's Jason saying hi!" Then the next day, my mom sent me an e-mail that was entitled "Here's something to brighten your day!" and it was a picture of that bird and me when I was like 9 and he was 6 months old. So I was kind of like "?????? How are these exactly responses to my questions?" But I was e-mailing them from a Hotmail account which is old and I hate hotmail and one time it got hacked, so I was like "Maybe they're not getting my e-mails!" So to test this theory, I e-mailed myself from that account to my school gmail account which I know works perfectly well, and after 3 hours, I still hadn't gotten the message, so I was like "Aha! That e-mail is not sending out messages!" and I sent my parents an e-mail saying that I didn't know if they were getting my e-mails but I hadn't received an e-mail from myself, so I thought that account wasn't working. Anyways, today I wake up to find that I received the e-mail I sent myself (although, to be fair, it took 8 hours to receive it, which is pretty ridiculous. Bad Hotmail!) and an e-mail from my mom saying "We've gotten every e-mail from you in the past few days, we just still don't know what to do yet!" So why exactly was your reaction to me asking specific questions about your opinions to send me a picture of my bird and me from 12 years ago and not actually telling me that you weren't sure about the answers to my questions? Oh, parents.

Today was my last day of German lab! I kind can't believe the semester is ending already. I suppose part of it is the fact that I'm not actually leaving here until the end of May, so I don't have the additional excitement of seeing my parents in just a week and all. Instead, in a week I'll be (hopefully) starting to put together a resume and calling places in CA about volunteer opportunities for when I'm hope and (much more likely) watching a bunch of TV and movies and reading and basically relaxing.

Anyways, I'm feeling pretty good and relaxed and on top of things overall, which is kind of awesome, considering I do have just a week left in the semester with a bunch of things to do. But getting that paper already done with (other than some minor editing) a week before it's due definitely helps, and my grades are awesome in my other classes so I'm not really worried about the other tests and assignments I have for next week.
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