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I finished my paper (finally!) and sent a draft to my professor! I was super nervous about what she'd have to say, because even though I felt like it was one of the best papers I've written, I'm still very self-critical and unsure and who knows what she'd think. But she said "Wow! This is in excellent shape!" She has a few minor comments, but I have an entire week to make those changes and there aren't many and alksfj yay! I'm so happy now. This is a huge relief.

My parents are kind of ridiculous. I e-mail them to stay in touch with them while I'm at school, and we've been discussing when they should arrive, and they hadn't responded directly to anything I said in my last 2 e-mails, even though I included questions in there and there was stuff I thought they'd respond to. So I e-mailed them again 2 days ago and had some specific questions, and that night, my dad texted me a picture of one of my pet birds and it was like "Here's Jason saying hi!" Then the next day, my mom sent me an e-mail that was entitled "Here's something to brighten your day!" and it was a picture of that bird and me when I was like 9 and he was 6 months old. So I was kind of like "?????? How are these exactly responses to my questions?" But I was e-mailing them from a Hotmail account which is old and I hate hotmail and one time it got hacked, so I was like "Maybe they're not getting my e-mails!" So to test this theory, I e-mailed myself from that account to my school gmail account which I know works perfectly well, and after 3 hours, I still hadn't gotten the message, so I was like "Aha! That e-mail is not sending out messages!" and I sent my parents an e-mail saying that I didn't know if they were getting my e-mails but I hadn't received an e-mail from myself, so I thought that account wasn't working. Anyways, today I wake up to find that I received the e-mail I sent myself (although, to be fair, it took 8 hours to receive it, which is pretty ridiculous. Bad Hotmail!) and an e-mail from my mom saying "We've gotten every e-mail from you in the past few days, we just still don't know what to do yet!" So why exactly was your reaction to me asking specific questions about your opinions to send me a picture of my bird and me from 12 years ago and not actually telling me that you weren't sure about the answers to my questions? Oh, parents.

Today was my last day of German lab! I kind can't believe the semester is ending already. I suppose part of it is the fact that I'm not actually leaving here until the end of May, so I don't have the additional excitement of seeing my parents in just a week and all. Instead, in a week I'll be (hopefully) starting to put together a resume and calling places in CA about volunteer opportunities for when I'm hope and (much more likely) watching a bunch of TV and movies and reading and basically relaxing.

Anyways, I'm feeling pretty good and relaxed and on top of things overall, which is kind of awesome, considering I do have just a week left in the semester with a bunch of things to do. But getting that paper already done with (other than some minor editing) a week before it's due definitely helps, and my grades are awesome in my other classes so I'm not really worried about the other tests and assignments I have for next week.
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So, November's over! In November I read 0 books, watched 3 movies, and 110 episodes of TV. I'm currently at 65 movies, so my revised goal (since I really doubt I'll be getting to 100, especially since finals aren't over until the 19th) is 75 movies for this year. This will be pretty tough to do, actually, but I'll try. I'm currently at 1745 episodes of TV, and my goal is 2000. I think I should be able to do it. I'll probably start marathoning stuff once school gets out and once I'm home for winter break I'll go back to watching Buffy and Angel with my parents on the weekend. Plus, I'm sure I'll get DVDs of TV shows for Christmas. It doesn't really matter either way if I reach these goals or not, I just... enjoy having frivolous goals in my life that don't cause me stress if I don't reach them.

I bought my parents' Christmas presents this past weekend! I never figure out what to get them this early, so this is kind of awesome. I'm getting my dad season 2 of Dexter because everytime I'm home he's like "So why don't you have season 2 of Dexter?" because he really loved the show after I showed him season 1 over the summer. And it's unlikely that he'll buy it for myself or himself. For my mom, I bought her The Hunger Games (since I think she'd really like it) and a Neal Stephenson book she said she wanted but doesn't have.

I think I've completely given up on Discrete Math. Last night I was working on a draft of a project for the class and was so stressed out because I had absolutely no idea what to do or how to explain anything because I didn't understand it and I didn't care, and I pretty much just wrote some BS which he'll give back to me and will say "You basically need to explain everything. And maybe actually prove some of the claims you make" and then I'll still have no idea how to do it and I won't revise much of anything and I'll fail the project. BUT THEN I ONLY NEED LESS THAN A 50 ON EVERYTHING HERE ON OUT TO PASS THE COURSE. So this is my state of mind right now and why I gave up around 8 PM even though I have until 5 PM today to finish it. I just hate this class so much. I few weeks ago I was kind of going "...I don't know if I should have changed my grading option because I'm getting an A and I'm pretty much putting the same effort in as I would if I wasn't taking it pass/fail."

Although I did end up getting a 74 on the midterm we took last Tuesday that I thought went horribly. Which, I mean, not that a 74 is spectacular, but considering there were only 2 grades above an 80 (and only 4 between 60 to 79), and how terribly I thought I had done, I'm pretty happy with that. And he changed it so we can earn up to 2/3 of the points back on the test rather than 1/2 since everyone did so badly, so I can revise my grade up to a 91. I'm really, really happy I didn't bother studying for this test.

Dexter )I adore this show so much, seriously. If you don't watch it, you're totally missing out.
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Huh. So my dad just called and told me that he can't come to parents' weekend (my mom is still coming, though). Apparently he changed jobs and has to go to some meeting for it, or something? I'm just kind of like... holy crap. He's a lawyer and a partner at the firm, and he's been working there for 30 years now. So the fact that he's changed jobs is kind of just a really sudden, random thing, you know? Although I guess I haven't mentioned to my parents yet that I'm not minoring in math, I might minor in German, and I want to get a masters in social work after college, all of which is new stuff, since I wanted to tell them in person. And last year during fall break (or maybe it was Thanksgiving) I kind of sprung on them the whole double major thing (which I ended up not doing at all). I think me changing my majors/minors in college is a little different than my dad changing his job after 30 years. I mean, it's the same job in that he's still a lawyer (it's not like he's decided to suddenly become a botanist, or something), but still.

I'm not mad at all (honestly, I'm kind of used to it. He's missed stuff before, and he called to apologize, and it's not like he didn't take 2 weeks off only a month ago to help me move in and stuff), I'm really just... shocked and confused. I didn't ask him to explain why since the connection was bad, he was on the way to take my mom to the airport, and he said there were a lot of reasons. But I'm definitely going to find out from my mom tonight. The only thing I can think of is that at his firm, you're forced to retire when you're 65, and he's turning 60 this November, and I really can't imagine him retiring and not working anymore after he turns 65. He would be bored out of his mind. But I don't know for sure that that's the reason. I don't know. It's all very sudden and weird.
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This was a good weekend. My parents arrived on Thursday, so I went shopping with them and then we had dinner (at somewhere not the cafeteria! Don't get me wrong, the food here is good, but it was nice not to have to wait in line to get food and not have to take my dishes away and being served and such for a change) and then watched My Name Is Earl, 30 Rock, and The Office in their hotel. Friday afternoon, after I finished class, we bought some random stuff at Office Depot and then went and bought a bunch of books at Barnes and Noble. I'm not sure how this ended up taking 4 hours, but it did. Then we ate dinner out, once again, and went to see Angels in America Part 1, which my school was putting on and was very good. Saturday we went to downtown Minneapolis and wandered around in the morning, and then in the afternoon we went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. At night the Wind Ensemble performed and then we watched some episodes off of The Office Season 3 DVDs. We had breakfast this morning and then they left. It was a really nice weekend. I thought it would feel weird, but it actually felt a lot more normal to spend time with them than when I came back to my room. It felt more like I was on vacation and would be returning home soon, so it was kind of disappointing every time I had to go back to my room.

I am not looking forward to the next few weeks. Several tests and that stupid midterm paper is due in less than two weeks now. I am looking forward to it being Fall Break. Originally I was going to try to go to Chicago with Emma and visit Annie, but there are a lot of issues to figure out and I am terrible at planning, so I don't know that I can put that together. If I don't go there, then I'll visit home, which would also be really nice. I just need to get through these 2 1/2 weeks.
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Warning: this post is total babble and keeps going on because I'm trying to procrastinate starting work that I don't want to do but have to finish tonight.

Heh. So I called my mom (first time I've called since like... the day after they left, and I only called then to tell her I made it into Wind Ensemble) today to figure out tomorrow's plans because I forgot when they are arriving and I wanted to see if I'd have time to get any work done before they got here, and I ended up talking to her for 41 minutes. Kind of silly since both my parents will be here tomorrow and I'll be able to talk to them all weekend. But it was really nice to talk to her and tell her about stuff going on here. Plus, it allowed me to procrastinating writing this synopsis of my paper (in which we have to list all our sources, what the hell, it's a synopsis, I don't want to have to do all my research this early when I'm planning on writing my paper next weekend). I'm so happy my parents are coming tomorrow. I miss them a lot more than I expected I would. I only wish they could bring my birds (or at least just Jason) with them, because I really miss them too and won't see them until Thanksgiving (unless I go home for Fall Break. But I'm hoping to go to Chicago. Still need to figure that out).

Anyways. This week has been pretty good. Well, I think this one girl on my floor who was really nice to me the first few weeks really dislikes me now. And maybe this one other girl too, but not to the extent this girl does. I don't really know why. Well, I think it's partially because on Tuesday we got our labs in geology back and she got a 93 (same grade I got), and she was like "Oh god, that's an A-" in this really snotty tone of voice and there were so many kids in my high school like that and I hated it when they acted like an A- (or even a B) was failing, so I responded "You're right; an A- is basically failing," in a kind of snotty and sarcastic voice. So I guess she might not like me because of that, but whatever, I feel like I have more of a right to be annoyed with her over that than she does with me. Or maybe I'm just a bitch. But she and this other girl were also acting kind of coldly to me a few days before that too, so I don't know. Maybe they just decided they don't like me.

Ok, so that wasn't supposed to be that long, and that's more about bad than good. But on the good side, I started really kind of... bonding? with this one girl on my floor. She's in Wind Ensemble too so we've been walking to Wind Ensemble together on Mondays and Wednesdays, and the first week or so we didn't really talk much, or we'd only say a little to each other. But this week, well actually this started a little more last Wednesday, but anyways we've been talking a lot more to each other. And on Monday, when I was watching Chuck, she came into my room randomly and was like "...Hi. I don't really know why I came in," and I said it was totally fine and she asked me what I was watching and I told her and her roommate had been watching the first episode the week before so she asked if she could watch with me so we watched that for a little bit. But she had no idea what was going on so then she didn't watch it all. But then today, after Wind Ensemble, we went to dinner together (well we usually eat together on those days and a lot of the people in my hall also join us around this time) and the girl who doesn't really like me (who's actually her roommate) came over and decided not to sit with us because they needed a bigger table because she had come with three other people (even though we've totally fit way more than 6 people at one of those tables before, and that's part of what contributed to me deciding she doesn't like me) so we just ate together, and then afterwards, when we were walking back to the dorms, she asked if I wanted to get coffee with her, and so we went to Dunn Brothers and just hung out there and chatted a bunch for like an hour.

Ok so probably no one read all that. But just, that made me feel really good. I mean, I'm not about to start attaching myself to her or assume that we're going to be the best of friends, but it's nice that I'm starting to talk to someone more and get to know her. And she seems like she's actually making an effort to get to know me, which I don't really understand, but appreciate a lot. And I think I'll be ok if I have some sort-of friends like her here so I don't feel totally alone.

Anyways. I totally need to get started on this synopsis of the paper because my parents are coming tomorrow at 2:30ish and then we're going to go shopping for winter clothes and boots and then we're going to eat dinner and then we're going to watch My Name Is Earl, 30 Rock, and The Office on the TV in their hotel room. I will have about... 2-3 hours total tomorrow to work on it, but I should get some stuff done now. At least I don't have to worry about my astronomy test because the professor is letting us bring one sheet in with whatever we want on it. So I copied all the concepts I don't have memorized and all the little details onto the sheet and I know where all the information is so I won't have to spend too long looking for any of it, so I'm happy about that. And I did already make flashcards before I found that out and reviewed them the night before so I know most of the stuff really well.

Ok, I need to stop procrastinating now.
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So, good news: I finally know when I'm getting my computer! It's supposed to come anywhere from Monday to Wednesday this coming week. So, I shouldn't be without it much longer! Unfortunately, I'm getting it right as I should be starting to review for finals, since I'm borderline in like all my classes except for band and French. Oh well. I'll still be very happy to have it back.

Just got back from Mammoth today. The skiing was all right. It was snowing pretty heavily the 3rd day we were there so we couldn't ski that day very much, and I wasn't skiing very well throughout the time. But it still ended up being fun. There was a DVD player in the room and I brought season 1 of Veronica Mars and finally got my parents to watch it with me, and both of them really loved it. They probably won't have a chance to watch season 2 anytime soon, but that's all right. They'll get to it eventually. It was so fun to watch season 1 again. I don't think I've watched it since I got it on DVD, right at the start of the second season.

I guess that's it. I really can't wait until I get my computer.
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Ha! I've totally gotten my dad into The Office now (well my mom too, but I'm more impressed that I got my dad into it). Because both my parents loved the British version, but they've only seen random episodes of the U.S. version and they just thought it was pretty good, but nowhere near as great. But then I convinced them to watch Casino Night on Thursday and then both of them would stop when they walked through the family room when I was watching my DVDs and watch like half an episode and then go on with whatever they were doing, and last night my dad asked if they could watch the first disc of my DVDs since I was done with it, and now every time my dad is in the same room as me, he tells me how much better a show The Office is than he originally gave it credit for. So, yay! :D

Anyways, I finished my DVDs. Spoilers I guess for some extras on the DVD. )

Ah, 4 days until The Office season 3 premiere! This week is going to go by so slowly.


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