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Right now I pretty much just want to listen to Jonathan Groff singing "Burning Up," Jon and Lea singing "Hello," and the few lines of solo he has in "Like a Prayer" over and over again. I have also been listening to Spring Awakening repeatedly. I might have a problem.

(The rest of this is just a school/real life update, which is probably not very exciting, but there was no new TV for me to watch last night! Fail, Wednesday night TV. Plus, I had schoolwork crap to prioritize over my Doctor Who rewatch.)

I talked to my favorite psych professor (I have no idea how to refer to her, as she's not my adviser, but I basically always go to her when I have questions about fulfilling major requirements and post-undergrad stuff. Maybe I can call her my honorary adviser?) today about a bunch of stuff, but most importantly about applying to grad schools, and she made me feel so much better. I've been kind of freaking out, but she was like "You're so ahead and organized!" And she was talking about when to line up recommendations, and in the middle she like... kind of raised her hand and was like "Me! I would love to have the chance to rave about you," and I was just like ";klajs;lkfj thank you." So now I have two professor in the psych department who have actually told me (without me mentioning anything) that they'd love to write recommendations for me. Which is pretty awesome, considering when I was applying to undergrad, getting recommenders was so nerve-wracking and I wasn't sure anyone would really write me a great rec because I never spoke up in class or anything. So anyways, that's comforting. idk, she just always makes me feel better about everything when I talk to her.

Also, another thing I talked to her about was my idea for my final research paper for Mood and Anxiety (as I am currently taking that class from her), and she said my idea sounded great and she'd be happy to look over a draft next week, which is excellent. And I'm actually kind of really excited about my topic (it's basically about hoarding and the controversy over whether it should primarily be considered a symptom of OCD or if it's its own separate disorder and doesn't need OCD to occur. Which is something I find incredibly interesting, although I recognize that it maybe doesn't sound quite as exciting to people who are not into clinical psychology).

I finished my social psych research proposal last night! I didn't really expect that I would, mostly because I thought I might do a little and then be like "Whatever, I'll have so much time Thursday to finish it, I don't need to do it now!" and I always tend to procrastinate. And for a little while on Wednesday I was considering just not doing anything, even the Method section, and finishing it Thursday. But then I decided I might as well just try to finish it, so I did, and it's done! Just barely over the minimum page count, and parts of it are probably incoherent (...I didn't actually read it completely over. Which I probably should have. But I just wanted to be done with it and honestly I hate reading over work I've written, which I know is kind of a problem because anything I write can definitely be improved by editing. Oh well. It's only 10 points, and I haven't missed a single point in the class so far, so whatever). But it's done, and it's one more thing I can cross off my list of everything I have left to do the rest of the semester, which is down to like... 8 things now! (MUPC this weekend, revised German essay and German oral presentation next week, and then my final Origins and social psych exams, German final, final Mood and Anxiety 8-10 page paper, and short social psych 2-4 page paper.) I hopefully will make it out of these next 2 weeks all right. I will be officially done with this semester 2 weeks from today, which is bizarre but also mostly very good. (Although then I will be a senior and graduating in just a year and that's too weird to think about.)


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