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New layout! [ profile] brokenrecord__ It... kind of looks a lot like my last layout. Well, the header. I mean, I like it more than my last header, but... yeah. I wanted a new layout because my last one was from February of 2008 and I've never had a layout that long and I was getting really tired of it, but... now I kind of realized why it's been so long: I've had absolutely no inspiration for making headers. And I fiddled around with stuff for hours, but I still came out with this. Oh well. Maybe over the summer I'll try to be more creative. But I wanted to get this done yesterday, so there it is. I changed the actual layout of the page, too, and I definitely like that much more. I had been using the same style (just modifying the colors and header) for years, too, and I needed a change. This one may or may not also last over a year. I still want to fiddle around with the text and colors a little, but I probably won't do that until later.

I went to see the apartment on Thursday. It's not ideal, but it'd definitely work. Apartment Stuff )

We got Good Friday off this year for some reason (I don't remember ever getting it off in high school, and I definitely didn't get it off last year here) so I've been enjoying a nice three-day weekend. It feels like Sunday now, though, so I'm starting to get anxious/nervous about all the stuff I have to do this weekend (none of which I looked at yesterday), but luckily I have 2 days to do everything in.

I really want to participate in [ profile] picspammy's challenge this month, but I don't know if I'll have time. Plus, I have like a million things I want to do. I think right now, though, I'm definitely leaning towards a picspam of my favorite Barney/Robin scenes (I know, huge shock, right?). I'm not sure if that totally fits with the challenge, but other people have done stuff similar to that, so I think it'll be ok. I think I'm too indecisive to choose just one favorite scene from a particular show, and if I do just one, I'm going to want to do a bunch more. But we'll see. They always take me forever to do, and next weekend is going to be super busy, so I don't know if I'll get it done in time, and I might lose interest in a week or two.
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New layout! ([ profile] brokenrecord__) It turned out more green than I expected, but I think I like it. I think I'm most happy about having a new font. The font I was using before was fine when I had a PC, but ever since I switched to a Mac, it looked weird and hard to read. ...and yeah, that was last July, and I could have changed it, but I always figured I'd just change it when I got a new layout, and then... it took me awhile to make a new layout. But anyways. It's changed now. The header is of John and Aeryn. Lyrics are kind of randomly from three songs: "That Green Gentleman" by Panic at the Disco, "Rebellion (Lies)" by The Arcade Fire, and "Honey and the Moon" by Joseph Arthur.

Anyways, I finally watched Company last night! lksjfd I love Raul Esparza ridiculous amounts. Actually, I love the musical as a whole an insane amount. It was really well-done. But yeah, I thought I loved Being Alive before, but seeing it in context and seeing him perform it... guh. How did he not get the Tony for that performance? I really wish I had been able to see this live. That would have been amazing. It was still awesome, though.

So, now I get to spend the weekend writing my English paper. My goal for today is to get 2/3 of it done, so I'm hoping that happens. At least I'm feeling basically 100% better.
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New layout! ([ profile] brokenrecord__) It's of Rose and Ten. I've been in a very Doctor Who season 2 mood lately. I like Martha, but I still miss Rose. :(

Deciding not to send my AP scores makes these two weeks so awesome. I get to miss jazz band three Mondays in a row (two weeks for APs, and then the week after is solo and ensemble festival). I mean, I like jazz band in general, but on Mondays all I want to do once 6th period is over is go home, not stay until 4:30. Plus, a lot of people in jazz band bug me. Also, I get to miss periods 1-4 this Wednesday and Thursday and next Thursday. I shouldn't have much homework since all my classes are AP. I feel so relaxed. This is kind of bad, though, because I actually do have some homework tonight, but I feel like I shouldn't have any. Maybe I should start on that.
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I said that I wasn't going to watch The Black Donnellys pilot until it aired on TV because I didn't want to watch it and go crazy with anticipation for new episodes. But then the show got moved up a week and I started getting impatient and I heard they changed the song at the end and everyone had been going crazy about the previous song before, so I decided to watch it and, oh man. That's got to be one of the best pilots I've ever seen. It kind of felt like I was watching a movie. Now I'm ridiculously excited for it to start.

I changed my header for my new layout. ([ profile] brokenrecord__) It's very similar to the old one, but I changed the stuff that was bothering me, and now I'm much happier with it. Lyrics are now from "Rebellion (Lies)" by The Arcade Fire because I can't stop listening to that song now. I think I'm probably going to also redo my userinfo this afternoon. We'll see.
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New layout! [ profile] brokenrecord__. I've had Opal for nearly two years now, so I decided to try something new. (Stylesheet is by [ profile] refuted.) The layout obviously reflects my current The O.C. obsession. Lyrics are from "On Your Porch" by The Format. I'm not entirely sure if I'm happy with the header (something looks off about it to me, even though I liked it when I was looking at it in Paintshop Pro), but I like the rest, so I'll keep it for now. I might change the header in a few weeks. But, um, yeah. Yay, new layout! :D

I want to redo my userinfo too (I've been wanting to do that for like a year, actually) but I don't think I have the energy. Maybe tomorrow.

So far this semester my grades have made me feel like I'm in bizarro world in something. In French, a class I've never even come close to having a B (especially not with deBerry), I'm getting an 81 (a 79.95 before she took out this test that everyone failed because she doesn't know how to use a scantron machine properly). wtf? This is ridiculous. It's not just me, though. The class average for AP was an 81 and there were no As until she took out the test (and then there were only like 2, and there were still several people who had Ds), and for French 4 it was a 69! Also, we already have over 600 points in the class, even though it's 6 weeks into the semester. 600 points! That's 200 a week! By the time the semester is over, by my count we'll have roughly 4800.

On the other hand, in math I haven't gotten any points off in homework even though I've been barely showing any work, the quiz I barely studied for and failed (4/10! woot!) ended up not counting because everyone failed it, and the test I glanced at my notes for about 5 minutes for I ended up getting a 94% on. What the hell? Most of the time I can't get a 94 on a calc test even when I do study for hours! And in physics, a test I was planning on dropping I got 100% on the free response and Mr. Malin called me his hero. I mean, I probably failed the multiple choice, but still. I just don't understand! I would've never thought I'd be struggling to maintain a B in French and have an easy A in Calc! My brain hurts. :(

I'm tired. I think I should sleep.
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New layout! ([ profile] brokenrecord__) I've been meaning to make a new one for ages, and I finally did. Jim/Pam, since I'm probably more obsessed with The Office than any other fandom right now. The lyrics are from Joseph Arthur's "Honey and the Moon".

Saw For Your Consideration with my parents yesterday since it was my dad's birthday. That's a really, really funny movie. The entire audience didn't stop laughing throughout the movie. Every scene there was just something hilarious. And there was John Krasinski! Only for a minute or so, he had a little role, but it was still awesome seeing him. And there was Ricky Gervais in a larger role! And the guy who played Wayne Jarvis on Arrested Development! So yeah, anyways, great movie. Totally recommend it.
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John Barrowman singing "Why God, Why?" from Miss Saigon is pretty much the best thing ever and I cannot stop listening to it.

Anyways, new layout! [ profile] brokenrecord__. I was getting kind of tired of my old one, and I had had it over a month, so I figured it was time for a change. It's of Green Wing, shockingly enough (it's not like that's all I've been able to talk about recently, or anything). Which yeah, sorry I've gone so obsessive over it, but in a few weeks it'll wear off. (But if you want to check it out to see why I've been going so crazy about it, just ask, and I can provide links to episodes!)

Leaving for New York tomorrow at like 7 AM, so I won't be around much for the next week or so. I'll be flying back on Wednesday, I'll be here all of Thursday, and then on Friday I'm leaving for Minnesota and won't be back until Monday. So yeah, see you all when I'm back! :D
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New layout (to reflect my new obsession)! [ profile] brokenrecord__. It's Jim/Pam, surprisingly enough. Wheee, I'm actually really happy with this. The last layout I was just kind of eh about but I didn't want to try to make anything else, and I really hated the one before that, so I just left it up, but this one I really like. :D If you can't see the header then I'm not sure why, but for some reason my header (and all the images, actually) haven't been showing up on my LJ when I use Firefox, but do when I use IE. And they totally have been showing up for the past like 6 months when I used Firefox, so I don't know why today is suddenly different. I'm hoping it starts working again, because I've come to really like Firefox over IE.

Anyways, guess how many hours I spent working on a new layout for my LJ? (Answer: roughly, 4-5) Now, guess how many hours I spent the entire weekend studying for finals? (Answer: 0) It's a good thing I only have three finals, and on one I only need a 75, and the other I only need a 77. But I probably shouldn't be blowing them off entirely. Whatever, finals don't start until Tuesday. I have most of the late afternoon and night on Monday to study for my only final Tuesday (the one I need a 77 on).

Most of the time making the layout was spent trying to make the header. I knew I wanted a Jim/Pam header, but I just couldn't make one I liked. I actually finished three different ones before making this one. If you care to see them, here they are: one, two, and three.

Anyways, I should go to sleep now, but something very quickly: Mrs. Bentley sent me the announcements for band this week to put up on the website and she included this excel sheet to post for the chair results for next year, and wheee, I made Wind Ensemble. Not shocking, but I guess I was a little concerned, what with a tenor from Rancho trying out and Parsa suddenly telling me Mrs. Bentley wasn't sure if she was going to put him on alto or tenor (she put him on alto. Also, is it wrong for me to be slightly happy about the fact that she put him third chair out of the three altos after I had to listen to Paul spouting off all last week about how Parsa was the best alto sax player he had ever heard [at our school]? Because yeah. I'm just slightly pleased about that).

Uh, yeah. Anyways. That's about it. Tomorrow is graduation for the seniors, but everyone in band has to go to play Pomp and Circumstance 50000000 times (actually, I don't really mind. It's nice being able to see all the seniors you know one last time), so I should have pictures when I get back from that.
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New layout! [ profile] brokenrecord__! Not sure how I like the colors, but they were giving me a hell of a time, so I kind of just gave up. I might look at them again later, but it's unlikely. I'll probably just wait until I make a new layout.

This actually isn't the layout that I mentioned earlier I was unsure about. I found myself liking the old one more after some time, but I had no idea what to do about the colors, and then I tried to make the one that's up now, and I decided to just go with that one. I might put the other one up when I get sick of this one (that one's here if you want to take a look. Well, that's one version, at least. I had many versions, where mainly the only difference was the borders).

Anyways. Pictures of the stuff I got yesterday! )

I probably should do something productive like work on my assignment for my college counselor or read parts 3 and 4 of The Power and the Glory, but instead I think I'll watch some episodes from my season 3 Charmed DVD (I'm about halfway through it, and I got it back in January for my birthday, and at this rate, I'll be done by like December).
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blah. I'm getting sick of this layout and have wanted a new one for awhile, so today I finally tried to make myself a new header, but... bleh. I've made like 500 different variations of the same header, just minor alterations each time, because I'm just not satisfied with it. And like half of me really loves it but the other half isn't sure, and I'm afraid I'm going to be sick with it in, like, a week. And the other problem is that I don't really know what colors would work well with it, especially for the very background of my LJ. So, I don't know. I think I'll try to make something else and if I hate what I come up with, I'll go back to this.

I meant to mention this yesterday, but ugh. Ok. I really love my English teacher and my English class, but my teacher got pregnant and had her baby a few weeks ago and now she's on maternity leave so we have this sub for 5 weeks who used to teach at my school so she can actually teach us stuff for English rather than us just sitting around for 5 weeks. But she's been starting to really irritate me. I mean she seemed really nice and sweet at first, but now... bleh. Like yesterday, we had group presentations and my group was making a point I totally didn't agree with (I had done my work separately from my group because they weren't really listening to me), but I had something that was kind of similar to their idea, just not as... extreme, maybe? So I started to explain my opinion, but before I had even reached my point, she totally cut me off and just said the exact same thing she had said about theirs (which was negative). And I'm like "...uh, could I even finish? Because that wasn't what I said at all." And so I finally did but then she just said the same thing she did before and totally missed my entire point. bleh. It really pissed me off. Only like 1 1/2 weeks left, though, and Mrs. Moore will come back.

Anyways. Ever since Seher totally screwed me over on Wednesday (well, ok, she didn't screw me over, but she caused me massive amounts of unneeded stress) she's been trying to talk to me like... all the time. Like she'll see me walking kind of near her and she'll come over and try to be all buddy-buddy, or at the beginning of class she'll come to my desk when I'm clearly trying to read something or do something else and start talking about other stuff, and it's like wtf are you trying to do? I think she's just trying to like... make me not be angry at her, but the more she bothers me, the more irritated I get. If she'd just leave me alone then maybe I could forgive her more easily. I mean, it's not like we were such great friends before all this anyways, so I don't understand why she's acting like we are all of a sudden. bleh.
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New layout! ([ profile] brokenrecord__) I was getting kind of sick of the old one. This one is kind of like my multi-fandom one from last fall, except it's only on the fandoms I'm more... obsessed with right now. Lyrics are from Wicked, "Defying Gravity", because I'm totally obsessed with that soundtrack.

I think I had something else to say, but I'm too freaking exhausted now, so I think I'll just go pass out on my bed now.
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New layout because I am obsessed. [ profile] brokenrecord__. I've been wanting a new layout for like a month but I haven't really been... into anything enough to make anything, I guess. Don't know how long this will last because it's kind of different from what I usually have, but I like it for now.

Anyways, today consisted of not doing much. I did practice my audition music some more and I think my music actually might go all right. I'm fucked for the scales, but last year when they asked me for one scale I played several notes from an entirely different scale before being all "er. Wait. No. Let me try again." and even then I still messed it up. And I still ended up getting in. So, I think the music's more important than the scales. We'll see. I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

I also read Nick Hornby's A Long Way Down today, and it was excellent. I want to read more of his stuff.

Tomorrow I may be doing something with Emma and Mukul and possibly other people? We're not very good at working out the details. But I assume it will happen. I want to try to get us to see Brokeback Mountain, because I think Emma is actually interested in seeing it, and I think it would be fun to force Mukul to see it. Hey, there's more man-on-woman sex than man-on-man sex! I think we could convince him with that. And at some point, I really need to go to the animal shelter. sigh.
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New layout! [ profile] brokenrecord__. It's multi-fandom. The text is some various lines from "Aside" by the Weakerthans, which is one of my favorite songs ever. The header wasn't too bad (took awhile, but wasn't incredibly hard), but trying to get colors to match were a bitch. Finally I just settled with grays, which I think is all right. I might change it sometime if I can figure out something that'll go better with it.

Anyways, yesterday was fun. Animal shelter in the morning, but a lot of the cats have been getting sick and so a bunch were in quarantine and they weren't doing volunteering with cats, so they told me I should go outside and see if I could help with the rabbits. There were two women out there and one asked if I'd ever had any experience with rabbits (which I did; I used to have 2) and then told me I could take any rabbit and just sit with it and pet it a bunch. I actually think I liked vounteering with the rabbits more than the cats. I did it again this morning, and yeah. It was nice. Made me want rabbits again, even though I barely paid attention to the rabbits I used to have.

Then after volunteering yesterday, I had a marching band competition in Anaheim. We didn't place very well (6th out of 6 or 7 in both colorguard and band), but I thought it was the best we had done the show thus far, so the results didn't matter as much. I also got some stuff... )
Um, but yeah. The comp was overall much fun. Only one more marching band comp left this year! Only 3 weeks left of marching band left! Insanity!

Nintendo Fusion Tour tomorrow! eee! Should be so freaking awesome.

I guess now I'll watch last Thursday's Everwood episode. Didn't watch Charmed tonight because I'm like 2 weeks behind. Need to catch up on that sometime. I caught up on Lost Friday night, though! So at least there's that.
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New layout! ([ profile] brokenrecord__) I was kind of in the mood for a new layout, but didn't think I'd actually come up with anything I liked. Anyways, this features Veronica and Logan (Veronica Mars) in "Leave it to Beaver". ...I had a layout here like... 2 layouts ago with one of these pictures, but... oh well. The lyrics are from "Time Turned Fragile" by Motion City Soundtrack. And it's not Boxer anymore! Thank you so much, [ profile] roguefaith for sending me those codes so I could make the Opal layout work. :)

...only one small problem: anyone know why my tags in every post aren't showing up and how I can fix that?

Stolen from [ profile] violetmist2003:

1) Reply with your name and I'll respond with something random about you.
2) l'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3) I'll pick a color/flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4) I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5) I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6) I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7) I'll ask you something I've always wondered about you.
8) If I do this for you, you must post this on your blog. You MUST. It is written.

Um, I'm going to be bad at this. But I replied to Lulu's post so she'd do it for me, so I must do it, or she will beat me with a shovel. Or something.
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New layout! Same header as before, but different style. I was trying to make an Opal layout work forever, but I couldn't make it so the width of the text boxes matched the width of the header, and that bothered me too much for me to use it. Maybe someday when I have plenty of time with nothing to do I'll attempt to make it work. Or I'll just make a header that's the right size.

Right now, I'm tagging all my old entries. Kind of wanted to use tags before, but I don't think you can use them with S1 layouts, which is what I had. After I finish that, I'll finish uploading icons (43 spaces left! wheee!) and... do something else that I was planning on doing but have totally forgotten about now.

I've only had a paid account for like 10 hours, but I totally love it already.
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Babbling about SAT diagnostic test results that most people don't care about. )

I downloaded the pilot of Dead Like Me like a month ago but never got around to watching it. I finally did this morning and I totally fell in love with it. I want more now. I'm downloading torrents of both seasons, but they're taking forever and probably won't be done until tomorrow or even Thursday. Oh well.

Google Meme Thing )

By the way, I realized that my layout is all messed up when being viewed on Firefox. I don't know why this is, but, well, it is. So, if you can't see it, that's why. Someday I'll try to fix it.

Lastly, picspam! Outside my house and some more of my birds, because they are camera whores. )
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Guh. New Billie Piper and David Tennant promo for Doctor Who. His whole outfit is great, but the shoes. The shoes! They are freaking awesome. And geez, I have to wait until December for this? I thought the wait for Veronica Mars in September was long enough, but December? [sighs]

Anyways, made a new layout ([ profile] brokenrecord__) because I've been wanting one for awhile and the new promo inspired me. It's of the new Doctor Who. Lyrics are from Flogging Molly's "Drunken Lullabys". Wheee, I'm so happy with the header. :D I love when I'm satisfied with my graphics.

I love that Fandom Friending Meme I mentioned yesterday (too lazy to link). Made new friends, and got the courage to add people that I've wanted to add for awhile. [waves hello to everyone]

Nothing else, really. Tenor lesson earlier wasn't much fun, but it never is. SAT diagnostic test in less than an hour, which will be long and boring, but oh well. Tomorrow I shall picspam with either a tour of my house or some random shots of my neighborhood, depending on how dark it is when I get home from SAT class.
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So, before this icon journal, I had a blog that I used to talk about fandom stuff none of my friends cared about and my personal life. Recently, I've been getting really tired of having a different place for my icons and a little fandom stuff, and for all the rest. So, I've finally decided just to move it all here, so both my icons, fandom stuff, and personal life ramblings are together. Feel free to defriend me if you only friended me in the first place for my icons and don't want a bunch of posts about random stuff from me on your friends' page, I completely understand. Let me know if you want me to defriend you as well, otherwise I may or may not keep you friended. If you keep me, you should know that I'm insane and tend to post multiple times a day about random things. Just letting you know. You've been warned.

New layout here ([ profile] brokenrecord__) from the pilot of Veronica Mars. Lyrics are from "Tidal Wave" by Longwave.

And, lastly, the OTP meme that's been going around. )


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