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I'm nearing the end of my Doctor Who/Torchwood rewatch! I always do this, where I like... get really into a rewatch/watching a show for the first time and all I want to do is watch the show and I race through the episodes and then all of a sudden I'm at the end and I'm disappointed that there's nothing left. Although, as season 5 of Doctor Who just started, at least I do have more of that to look forward to, so it's not like I have to wait very long for more. And it'll probably be much better for the sake of my schoolwork and finals and all that if I'm not preoccupied with watching TV. Anyways, I finished Torchwood season 2 yesterday (and yes, that's essentially all I did yesterday), so here are my thoughts: Torchwood Season 2 )

So now I'm on to season 4 of Doctor Who. I might watch an episode or two today, but I will not be finishing this season quite as quickly as the previous ones. I probably won't finish season 4 until maybe Wednesday at the earliest. Although, who knows. I say this assuming I'm actually going to be productive and do work over the next 2 days, but I also planned to be productive and do work over the weekend, and look how that turned out.

Registration today! Registration is less fun as a rising senior, since I have to be all concerned about requirements and if the timing of a class I really want to take doesn't work out, I don't have another chance to take it, but one thing that is awesome is that I get to register on the first day of registration so I really don't have to be worried about classes filling up. So here's what I'm taking next semester: Fall 2010 Registration )

I was so right not to do a lot of work on the research proposal for social psych today, as he pushed the due date back to Friday. I can easily write a 5 page research proposal by Friday, especially as it doesn't have to be too in depth. I think I chose correctly in my activities this weekend.
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Ah, registration! We don't get schedules with teachers (just the schedule of the classes) until school starts, but they put the teachers' numbers to the right, so it's possible to figure out which teachers you have anyways. My schedule:

Period 1: AP European History - 310
Period 2: Honors Chemistry - 102
Period 3: Honors Pre-Calc - 290
Period 4: French 4 - 189
Period 5: Honors English 3 - 182
Period 6: Wind Ensemble - 057
Period 7: Marching Band - 057

Blathering about teachers people who don't go to my high school won't understand )

Ha. This year they actually gave me a PSAT practice test/guide thing! Last year I signed up for it (and took it), and other people got it, but I didn't. I'm happy to have one this year (...though not having one didn't really hurt anything. I still did pretty well).

Didn't get a locker because I was lazy. Plus, the 500 building was closed. I'll get one when school starts. I'm planning on getting one in the 500's, because it's closest to the band room, and most people prefer the 200's and 300's, so it's unlikely that I won't be able to get one where I want one.

Wheee, I also got a parking permit! So now I can steal my mom's car and drive it to school and park there and not worry about being towed or anything! Awesome. Not much use for a car during the school year, though, since our lunch is only 35 min. I need it way more during band camp, when we have a 1 1/2 hour lunch. But then again, occasionally we'll have 1 hour lunches for whatever reason, so being able to bring the car to school would be helpful then.

I started Crystal Cave last night! I'm only up to chapter 5, but it's really interesting so far. I'm glad I'm more into this than the Jane book; should make it easier to get through.

Tonight is the season premiere of Prison Break. I've heard from a lot of people that it's really good, so I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Edit: Most hilarious part of the day )
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Heh. So, the phone rings and a minute later my mom knocks at my door and says she has a question:
Mom: [has phone against ear] Have you heard of a band called... Pennywise?
Me: ...uh. Yes. I like them.
Mom: Ok. [pause, listens to person on phone] Do you have their album... The Fuse?
Me: No. It came out, like, yesterday.
Mom: Ok. Well, you do now.
Me: ...uh?
Mom: How about a thank you?
Me: But I don't even know what's going on! Who's on the phone?!
Mom: Your dad.
Me: ...oh. Uh. Thank you?

And then she walked away. That's so random. He needs to come home so I can find out why he has the new Pennywise CD for me.

Registration packet for school came in the mail. I love getting the registration packet and I love buying school supplies and I love registration itself and I love the first day of school, and that's about it. After the first day, I'm ready for summer break to come back again.

I've been bored out of my mind (...maybe I shouldn't have seen if I could get out of my SAT class. At least it'd give me something to do for a few hours) so I decided to finally redo my walls. I took down all of the pictures on the wall with the least amount of pictures and then got bored of that. This is bad. I either need to finish or put pictures back up, but I'm too anal to keep it like it is. blah. I need to not start things I know that I'm not in the mood to finish. My mom finally did give me the CD rack she no longer needs so I was able to finally organize all my CDs. I had a CD like... spinner thing before, but it only held 100 CDs. The CD rack holds a lot more.

Blah. Ok, I guess I should return to taking stuff off my walls.


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